Charter Day 2003

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Day Dawns For Our New Lord Mayor & His Lady Mayor2000 Harvey Brown, Mayor2002 Malcolm Dawe & Mayor2003 Allan Sargeant Plague Monster Arrives At The Visitor Centre Procession Is Led by By Town Cryer, Rob Tremain Mayor & Mayoress Make Their Way To The ProclomationThree Puppets Costume Entry Procession On The Way Pete West Entertains Keeping Plague Monster Under Control Cornwall's Morris Dancers Dawn Flew Arrives With The Proclomation Rob Tremain The Town Cryer, Reads The Proclomation Rob Tremain, Town Cryer Mayoral Party On The Platform New Mayor Allan Sargeant, Gives His Thank You Speech The Crowd At The Proclomation Another View Of The Crowd Last Year's Mayor Hands Over To Allan Sargeant, Mayor 2003 Jill Lamede & Her Bird Sheila, Natalie & Bob Flower Cornwall's Morris Dancers Entertain Roger Toy, Hall Custodian, Awaits The Costume Entries Costume Entrants Family Group Winners
  Family Group Entrant Winner Best Costume Single Over 16 Lucy Dawe.Mayor Allan & Mayoress Shirley On King Arthur's Throne Story Teller Jill Lamede, Entralls The Children Luke Clements...Juggles The Knives Luke Clements...Those Knives Are Very Sharp Luke Clements....Juggles Cricket Bats Don't Crack Any Yolks The Rain Falls As The Monster Arrives At The Fire Monster Nears The Fire...In The Rain Town Cryer Leads The Way To The Fire In The Pouring Rain Monster Ready To Be Burnt Destruction Of The Monster Starts Sparks Fly As The Monster Burns Burn Monster Burn Crowd Watch The Monster Burning Mike Francis Glowing By The Bonfire Plague Monster Burns & Burns .....And Rages
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