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Congratulatipns To All Our New Parish Councillors To Tintagel Parish Council 2021

My site will be updated and most of the old Parish Council details

will be removed as soon as possible


Tintagel Visitor Centre


Freedom Of Information Act 2000
Service of Decision

Report from the Information
Commissioners Office

For Councillor Barry Jordan
Cornwall Councillor For Tintagel

Report on Tintagel Visitor Centre
Annual Audited Accounts For The Past Two Years



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An email from Germany from an old friend and ex Tintagel resident September 20th 2020
Hi David

Just visited your website.Like Tintagel,Füssen is a tourist attraction and over 1 million people a year visit the Neuschwanstein Castle just 2 kilometres from where we live.
Toilets are very important for visitors and no one seems to mind paying 50 cents to use them!.
Surely Tintagel needs toilets for its visitors and if everyone paid 50 pence to use them would this not go a long way in not only paying for the facilities but would leave an excess I am sure.To have no toilets at all will just make sure that summers in Tintagel will be just like winters in the village as visitors will remember no toilets available and not return. Seems your Parish council have lost the plot completely and do not seem to care if the village becomes a laughing stock because of their actions
(There are PublicToilets in Trevena Square in the Centre of Tintagel and at Trebarwith Strand. Webmaster)


Please let me have your personal views on the Tintagel Visitor Centre Future. ALL letters will be printed For or Against the closure



Email January 10th 2020 at 20:38

Subject: Parish Council


Dear sir

I read with interest the content of the two emails sent to you by parishioners. I have thought for a long time what is the parish council doing, closure of toilets, the installation of new payment barriers and associated works , the high cost of entry 50p.

It is very difficult to gain from the minutes what information and costings have been presented to councillors before

they made these decisions.

There has been no mention of business plans or risk assessments. Decisions seem to be made by plucking random ideas from the air without any logic or reason to them .

Another factor in trying to work out what the council is actually doing and costing us is the lack of any accounts, bills are paid on a monthly basis at the meetings but no record of accounts put in the minutes. Where are the accounts for 18/19 ? they should be readily available now, we're only 3 months off the 19/20 set of accounts. 

There seems to be no accountability to parishioners by this council ,it's public participation policy stifles out any real scrutiny of what it is doing, far too many decisions are made in closed session.

And now to cap it all after closing three sets of toilets on cost reasons, they have set the new precept £141,000, nine and a half percent up on last year what are they doing with our money?

And finally the village square,under a upgrade policy £20,000 was allocated to refurbish the Square. Is that all 20,000 buys. It was interesting to hear about the railings in the shed, the seats are falling apart it's obvious they have not been treated for some time. It was interesting to read in the minutes discussion about parking in the Square. When the square was given to the parish council after regeneration was complete the then council decided that the car park was a shoppers car park and besides limiting it to parishioners the parking times were half an hour and no return within 2-hours. Where and when were the new times quoted in the minutes discussed and passed no wonder cars like a Honda Laguna  WJ56NUP  have been in the same space for the last 6 weeks. Just a few general comments I await with interest the minutes of the last meeting. Perhaps next time we will be able to go into more depth about the barmy decisions this council has made about the toilets etc.


Dear sir I am sure  you are aware that the Parish Council have now decided to close the Tintagel Visitor Centre Toilets
(apart from the disabled) for 2020 despite spending a fortune on the entry gate systems.

On top of this they cut back the flower baskets for the village and upped our precept by 9.5%.

Begs the question, where is all our money going?
Maybe worth mentioning the £2,500.000 worth of feature railing purchased 18 months ago which are sitting in their store shed.
These were planned for the Trevena Square refurbishment when I was in charge of this item,
when I left, they did not continue with the programme.
Furthermore, new hanging basket poles were erected in the square 18 months ago which were part of the programme.
These pole came with bespoke baskets for the poles but the poles were left empty this year – waste of time putting up the poles I think.
I have requested a breakdown of costs for the last year relating to expenditure on public toilets, but I won’t hold my breath.
TVC not only had expensive entry systems installed, which were supposed to pay for themselves according to the parish
( hence the hike to 50p a go) but also expensive building work to incorporate the entry systems which will now lie redundant.

All this whilst they are talking of purchasing more land/assets on ‘our’ behalf. If the council is to purchase further land or asset, this should be put to the public for their opinion or at least discuss it in public and not behind closed doors at council meetings i.e deliberations


Dear Sir/Madam,

Your threatening letters to members of the public in my division are nothing but harassment, a Parish Council CANNOT take any individual to court. It is not allowed within the local government act. Expressing an opinion, making a statement if they believe it to be true, asking questions or anything else is not defamation or slander or libel, if a particular councillor was libelled then that would be a different matter and down to the individual.

The cost of litigation to the high court in London for libel, defamation, slander will cost your client at least £100,000 for each case, just to get it looked at by a High Court Judge, they cannot use public funds, even if they had the money.

I cannot allow you to harass members of the public any more, I give you fair warning that should you persist I will contact the Law Society and make a complaint that you are carrying out a vendetta originated by the Tintagel Parish Council knowing full well that a Council CANNOT take that sort of action against a member of the public.

Your company’s actions are reprehensible and should cease immediately or I will make sure the your Company Name is dragged through as much dirt as I can, all within the law and legal of course, so be warned.

Barry Jordan

Cornwall Councillor for the Tintagel Division.

Can a local authority sue for defamation?

Local authorities cannot sue in defamation. ... There are in fact two reported incidences of local authorities prior to 1993 (when the law changed) suing in this fashion.26 Aug 2015



There is a email below, from a concerned resident with questions regarding theTintagel Visitor Centre













Nancledra, Back Lane,  Bossiney. Tintagel PL34 0AU.
Councillor B Vice Chairman Tintagek= Parish Council
Matters Concerning The TVC etc.
Dear Councillor B
I am writing this to you as I am in shock after reading the minutes of the 1st. July 2020 Parish Council Meeting.
In previous meetings you stated that you could only go back three years in the TVC accounts.  Now you are claiming that the Parishioners of Tintagel have supported it for eight years and the losses are substantial. Is this just laziness on your part or the results that you would have found would not suit your argument.  All accounts are readily available in the Parish Archives and you have been a councillor long enough to know this.
What happened in the first five years that it was open?   It made a profit each year and one of the years it was over £5,000 (as in accounts).
On 13th August 2018 there was a meeting of Volunteers and Councillors in the TVC.  We were told by the then Councillor B that the TVC had lost £13,000 in the year 1917/1918. The volunteers were agape and many asked "How could it have lost this amount".  They were never told how or shown any figures. After this some people wrote to the UNCIL about it. They we told this was harassment. So in nearly two years nothing has been done about the queries.
It had been agreed as the TVC was going to be a Parish asset, the P.C. would pay the loan of £6,000 plus a year and that the VC would cover the £1,000 plus interest on the loan, plus the rates of over £6,000 and the utility costs.
You stated in a recent meeting that the VC had losses of £47,000 plus (minuted). Then when the Clerk did her statement for the Council on the 15th June 2020, she states that the losses were £38,000. Which figure was correct, if either one?
A Councillor stated that one of the problems was short opening hours, but each time it came up the Clerk reported that it was fine and had more volunteers coming on stream. How then was the TVC closed nearly every afternoon? There were in the past two shifts 10am - 1pm and 1pm -4pm (when most people were around). For the first five years it was open 7 days a week throughout the season. Winter mornings only. (Please note the losses have been in the last three years). A Councillor also quoted that it was important to note that the TVC has been closed because of the restrictions imposed by Covid.19.  How would this be relevant when lockdown only came in late March 2020?  This had little or no impact on the financial year 2019/2020. 
I agree with a residentsletter published on the Tintagelweb, especially on the subject of Fixtures and Fittings over £8,000 (nothing wrong with the ones already there). Paper Bags/Card stock £1,369.17, Stationary £832.02, Staff clothing "Sweatshirts"£532.85. I haven't even mentioned V.A.T., and CCTV and New till installed (Till already there was very adequate and quite new). Was this a responsible thing to do if the TVC was losing so much money???        It would also be interesting to know what proportion of the £6,000 plus rates is attributed to the toilets at the VC. 
The most relevant question to be asked here.  'Why did so many experienced volunteers resign over the last three years, who actually ran the TVC with Tintagel Parish Council Volunteers and two previous clerks, AND made profits?'
Now the audited 2019/2020 accounts reveal that the Clerk has been allocated a further 10 hours for the TVC (15 hours per week in total).      Could you please, tell me WHEN this was passed by the TPC and who proposed and seconded this.  An in-depth search of the published minutes produced no record of this being done.     The Clerk has 15 hours a week to administer the TVC and she is also the R.F.O., so if the TVC was in so much financial trouble, why was this great expenditure not stopped by the R.F.O.  It was a directive, sent out by the Clerk that all purchases for sale had to be approved by the Clerk and the Chairman.  So who can be held accountable for the losses?
It is interesting Councillor B that you refer to the Chairman of the time when the TVC was purchased. This was my husband and that he said "There was a requirement to run the facility as a VC for three years". It was kept open as the first five years it made a profit each year, so there was no need for anything to change.
On the evening of the 1st. July when the decision was made to close the VC and use it as a Community Centre/ Hub, no further figures or breakdown was given for the losses.   Equally No figures were given on estimated costs for conversion of the building. NO mention of figures were given for the remaining stock in the VC and how it was going to be disposed of.   NO mention of the commitment that had been made to the advertisers in the "Visit Tintagel" brochure.  Are they going to be reimbursed ???   The slipshod way in which these proposals were made and voted on speaks volumes of how the TVC has lost so much money over the last three years.  I'm afraid it has to be attributed to the Councillors and Clerk.
 Also what is the £30,000 allocated for solicitors?  This is approx. a quarter of the Parish Precept. Is this a responsible act with Parishioners money and for what?
I am writing this to you as at meetings you have been the instigator and proposer of these decisions. It is useless to write to the Clerk, as her reply would be that we were being "Vexatious, Harassing and Bullying her and the council will not be entering into any more correspondence"
Finally I understand your wife is heavily involved with the local Brownies. As in the discussion of the new use of the VC as a community hub, it was mentioned that the Brownies could be one of the groups benefitting from this new facility. As the instigator of the closure of the VC and its conversion into a Community Hub. Is there a conflict of interest here?                  
I await your reply.

(Did not get one) Webmaster

A Very Concerned Parishioner
C. Wickett (Mrs.)

EMAIL AUGUST 14th 2020

Dear David,

I have just seen your survey on Tintagelwebsite. While I think that surveys to know public opinion are good. Like an Ex Councillor said  "Ask a few people you know survey" and your "online surveys" are both flawed.

The only true survey is a Parish Referendum.  This would be costly and unnecessary as I am certain the Parish would say "They have made their decision and it cannot be revisited for 6 months. What is really questionable is "Why and how did the Visitors Centre lose so much money in the last three years?"  What is the true figure? "Is it Cllr. B. figure, or the Clerks, or neither?
 Most of these questions are in my wife's letter to Cllr. ...... which after a week has not been answered or acknowledged.

What I would urge you to do is to campaign on your website and encourage the people of Tintagel to request the Parish Council to hold as soon as possible its Annual Parish Meeting (postponed in May). This meeting would contain Reports from the Chairman and Clerk. It would also give Parishioners the chance to ask any question they wish to the Parish Council. 

Regards Roger

Roger Wickett

I completely agree wih Roger Wickett that the Council MUST have a PUBLIC MEETING before our village makes an
unnecessary RUSHED DECISION which it may well regret

There will be a NEW COUNCIL from next May 2021 so THEY should handle this matter with an OPEN MIND!!



Hi David,
Received today from Tintagel PC solicitors, as the Cornwall Council’s elected representative is this the right way for the council to be using ratepayers money just to try and stop access to the PC’s accounts, who approved this expenditure and what have the council got to hide?
This is a total waste of tax payers money and the people of Tintagel need to be made aware of this and they should be asking to have full disclosure into this waste and a full investigation into the accounts.
Kind regards,
Barry Jordan
Sent via BT Email App

From: Crook, Jeremy
Sent: Aug 5, 2020 at 4:45 PM
Subject: Our Client: Tintagel Parish Council [S-S.FID9397797]

Dear Mr Jordan
We act for Tintagel Parish Council and write further to your recent request to inspect our client’s accounts and accounting records for the year ending 31 March 2020 (the Accounts).  Please ensure that you direct all further correspondence for our client to this firm, and not our client direct, until further notice.
Our client is happy for you to inspect the Accounts at the Tintagel Visitor Centre at 2pm on Friday 14th August.  If you are arriving by car, please feel free to park in the public car park. Please note that in accordance with our client’s Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return in relation to the Accounts, you must inspect alone and wear an appropriate face mask whilst doing so.  You will note that our client also reserves its right to arrange for security to be present during your inspection.
Should you have any queries arising from your inspection, please forward them to me in the first instance and I will provide them to our client. 
Finally, I would also be grateful if you could please confirm in what capacity you are inspecting the accounts.  I understand you are not a local elector or a journalist.  Accordingly, please kindly confirm on what basis you consider yourself to be an interested person in accordance with section 26(1) of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 (as amended by the Local Audit (Public Access to Documents) Act 2017.
Yours sincerely
Jeremy Crook
For and on behalf of Stephens Scown LLP
Senior Associate
Commercial Dispute Resolution



Taken from the June minutes of Tintagel Parish Council

Councillor B stated that the only three viable options for the building were: • To sell the building and re-invest the monies (minus the amount outstanding on the PWL); • To lease the building to a third party, or; • To use the building as a community space (this option would incur some costs). The Clerk advised that, should the Members elect to sell the building, there would be a need to fully advertise the same and ensure that ‘best value’ was achieved. Councillor A felt that the facility should be given a further year to operate. However, it was agreed that the future use of the facility would be decided at the next meeting on 1st July 2020.

Hi David

I read the June council minutes with great dismay last Wednesday and was appalled and confused with Councillor B statement that the Visitor Centre had made a loss of £47,648 in the last three years.

I don’t know how it is even possible to make that much of a loss, I volunteered at the visitor centre for six years up until 2018 and from April to October we were always busy helping visitors and making sales. All of the volunteers knew that the profits were not large and that we had to keep expenditure to a minimum whilst maximising on sales and the brochure advertising.

Our main sales were books and maps which we purchased at a 35% and 40% discount and all of the small Cornish/Tintagel goods had a mark up of between 50 and 100%.

The brochure advertising paid for printing costs and brought in extra revenue.

In the 2015/16 tax year the centre made a profit of nearly £2000

Over the weekend I viewed the Visitor Centre’s Draft Accounts for 2019/20 and read that it had made a loss of £18933.33 - a big loss for one year, the village was quiet due to the late opening of the new bridge and also coronavirus would have contributed but it still seems a massive loss.

Having analysed the 2019/20 accounts in a bid to see how such a big loss could be made I could see that large amounts of money had been spent. I wrote to the council in support of the Visitor Centre and asked for clarification on the following expenditure.

Fixtures and Fittings - £8191.18 

The centre has display units and slatwall shelving so why were new units and cabinets required and purchased?

Paper bags/card stock - £1369.17

When new laws on single use carrier bags are in place why were expensive printed paper handled carrier bags purchased? 

Stationery - £853.02

The spend in 2015/16 was £136.74 for printing and stationery, an expected amount for stationery. What was purchased over and above pens and paper items?

Staff Clothing - £542.85

Who decided that the visitor centre income could support the cost of staff clothing for the volunteers?

There has been other major purchases at the Visitor Centre such as CCTV installed, 

existing stock reduced and sold off and a ‘relaunch’ last December at the quietest time of year.

It appears to me that the management of the centre may be a major contributor to the sustained losses of the centre as well as the delayed opening of the bridge.

It would be a shame to lose such a first class facility.

Being in the centre of the village it would be ideal as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for the village and could have the duel purpose of being council offices and a visitor centre.

Regards Jill Frewer


Statement by Roger Wickett read out at the June Tintagel Parish Council Meeting

Tintagel Visitor Centre

When the Visitors Centre was acquired by Tintagel Parish Council at least 2 or 3 Public Meetings took place and the consensus was in favour of the purchase take place.
I consoder it only right and proper that if a disposal of the Visitors Centre is being contemplaed by the Parish Council, a similar Public Meeting
should be held to allow parishoners to have their say. Paticualarly in the light of restricted access to the Council during the lockdown period!

Roger Wickett

Comment By The Webmaster

I completely agree with this correspondent and the Tintagel Parish Council MUST ACT DEMOCRATICALY
Have a Special Meeting on the future of the Visitor Centre and ask Questions to see why the financial position of the Centre turned to a



Hi David,
This is what I posted on Facebook Wednesday July 1st 2020
This evening I listened in to the Tintagel Parish Council meeting, I have withdrawn my support of that council because of the abuse and
threats that were made against me. They made reports to Cornwall Council which were a pack of lies,
I was not in attendance at one of the meetings where I was accused of berating the clerk.
The Clerk even contacted a Cornwall Councillor and threatened to ‘get me’.
She made public this evening a confidential document that I have appealed against because I only received the paperwork yesterday and have not had
the chance get the appeal done That leaves to door open for me to go public tomorrow, Radio Cornwall and Laurence Reed will be the start
It would appear that although it says confidential on the notice it is not. I tried to record it last night but she must have refused it.
Kind regards,
Barry Jordan

On Facebook Friday July 3rd 2020

Following last nights post, unfortunately Laurence Reed cut me of before I could say what I wanted to put in the public domain.
The Tintagel Parish Clerk, says I accused her of stealing, totally untrue, that is her version
because I sent an Freedom. Of Information for the accounts plus other things and it was refused, which is unlawful.

From their website for 2019/20
Balance carried over from 2018/19. £173,914
Income 2019/20. £147,996
Balance. £321,910
Expenses 2019/20. £160,562
Leaving a balance of. £161,348
Balance in all accounts 31/03/2020. £66,950
So there is a deficit of £93,612 unaccounted for

At last night meeting she stated she had found another account with £56,000 in, she has been the clerk for over 3 years
How come she has just uncovered this account.
Now in conversations with members of the public we don’t know if this is bad accounting,
total incompetence or the result of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing,
I will leave you to think what you want, but losing £93,612 is not something to brush over
so now I have to contact the Police Fraud Squad or else that makes me an accomplice, and the HMRC VAT office
will need to be informed. If it is just incompetence that would mean the the people of Tintagel have no need to worry.
Barry Jordan


Dear Sir,

It was with some interest that we read the statement on your website – appertaining to Tintagel Visitor Centre. It is perhaps a pity that the author of the commentary was unwilling to add his, or her, name to the piece.

It is clear from the quotation from the Parish Council Minutes for May 2020, that the author of this statement has been rather selective in his, or her, offering to the public. He, or she, has clearly omitted the fact that the Visitor Centre has made substantial losses for a lengthy period of time, and that those losses are being met by the Parishioners of Tintagel. Nor is the fact that one suggestion under consideration is the creation of a community space for Parishioners alluded to.  The author was evidently aware of the comments raised (clearly articulated in published minutes) a month ago – yet pens his, or her, statement a few days prior to the next Parish Council Meeting. How could this individual have been so negligent? -  failing to provide adequate notice to Parishioners of his, or her, opposition and disgust and offering an early opportunity to object to any changes relating to the TVC?

Yet, in his, or her, statement, there is no cohesive argument put forward to justify why such a facility should be retained, or highlighting the perceived benefits that the facility brings to the village. Does he, or she, ask how many Parishioners use the Visitor Centre? Do they object to financing the centre? – not a bit of it!

Tintagel is an area of severe deprivation, as attested to by the Index of Multiple Deprivation. Is it fair that those who are struggling to meet their financial and social commitments should unnecessarily bear the costs of a loss making enterprise? Perhaps the author of the letter does not share the hardships of those who are struggling. The principle, that the poor should finance the wealthy, was clearly disabused at the time of the French Revolution.

Despite inferences to the contrary, the public has had a month to register any views which they hold in respect of the suggestions made about the TVC at the last Parish Council meeting. Only ONE has been received (on 29th June 2020).

The author of the statement has also provided erroneous and misleading advice to readers. Whilst the Parish Council Meetings are ‘virtual’, our published agenda clearly advises Parishioners that they can access the Meetings by requesting a link to the same.


Dear Sirs
I would like to offer my view on the Tintagel Visitor Centre if I may. 
First of all, can I emphasise that it is my just my thoughts and views. I have no political or personal agenda other than I live here. We moved to Tintagel about 18 months ago although we have lived in the area for some ten years.
I was interested in looking at current affairs of the parish council as, shortly after moving in, a planning application was made that directly affects us. So that is the circumstance of my viewing the minutes.

To me the TVC is a conundrum about which I have questions and views. I do not profess to know the way forward but just feel the need to say something.

 It is said that the TVC is needed for the visitors, paid for by the Parishioners and owned by the Parish Council.
The financial losses would indicate that the visitors don’t need (use) it enough! Or would it be fair to say that it could be that the TVC don’t offer more of what the visitors need. Do we know what that is? There must be some idea as it was decided that whatever it is can be done on a smaller scale in Trevena Square.

I read that the losses have been substantial and two years ago, the TVC was given a year to turn itself around. Although it wasn’t required to make a profit, it did need to break even. (I am from a business background so I apologise for using the terminology I am familiar with in this context) but who was put in to ‘ manage’ this or given the ‘project’ to achieve the goals required? I am not familiar with the ways of Parish Councils so I may have missed this.

Another option was community use but would that not need to be  managed also? Is there a way that the ‘use’ could  raise funds towards the cost? Would this use impact on the Social Hall?

It could be sold.  It would be great to see our payments to the council go down but I doubt they will! Lease / rent to a third party? What is the criteria here? Any restrictions?

In fairness I think I have been in the TVC less than a handful of times since moving here. Mainly because it was usually closed but also because there is no draw or attraction.

I understand that minutes are there to be read so in theory everyone had a voice to agree or object. (Although it is noted that March, May and June have only just been uploaded to Tintagel Web ) In practise not everyone has the technology, the ability or indeed, the inclination to go through ‘council speak’. Please don’t take offence, it is just an archaic form of writing that is not found in many businesses now. My view is that given the diversity of the village a public meeting should be held to get the views of the locals or that the area is canvassed to gain opinion……
…… then came along Covid-19.
It seems that a decision is going to be made without the village contributing and I did feel a little miffed at this because the Coronavirus has taken over our lives quite dramatically often to the exclusion of anything else.  I am torn between ‘well somebody  has to make a decision’ and ‘everyone has to be part of the decision’.

In summary, it would be sad to see the TVC go but if it is not serving it’s purpose can it be repurposed to suit the village?

On another note, also mentioned in the minutes, (March)  is aggression and bullying. Absolute zero tolerance should be applied here. Whoever is involved for whatever reason. Totally unacceptable behaviour.
Although I would like to observe / attend the virtual meeting we are victims of the Cornish wifi. It dips in and out constantly. So, I look forward to the minutes.
Kind regards
Sue Squires


Hi David Flower,

Having only just read the latest parish council minutes I am aghast at the proposal of the thinking, behind almost closed doors,
of the selling of one the most beautiful designed Visitor Centres in North Cornwall.

I have been a volunteer since 2010 there and until I had to retire due to poor health at the end of last year, this was a enjoyable time.
In all the years I was there meeting and helping the visitors to enjoy our beautiful surroundings and being very much a local lass born in the local area and knew where to send folk if they were tracing their family tree. I knew who they could contact the family themselves and these people were amazed and grateful that that some one so local, knew all about their family and most often those who were asking came from outside of England. In one instance a family from New Zealand were even part of even my own husbands family tree and we met up with them that evening. One of the many aspects of a visitor centre that Is what we have here and IT SHOUD NOT BE SOLD. The Parishioners gave its blessing to purchase and

Build it in the first place AND they should BE CONSULTED AGAIN if it should BE SOLD and  it Should not even be up for Discussion at ALL.

COVID-19 is not our fault and should be not be blamed because there is no income coming in at the moment at this present moment of time. In the past The Centre made a small profit and we paid our way with the very happy band of VOLUNTEERS that we had and we could back them. Open from 10am - 4-30pm and no problems at all.
All of us gave our time so there was no charge to our Council at all. All or / most people coming through our door WOULD ALL SAY WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BUILDING  IT WAS
and how LUCKY TINTAGEL WAS IN HAVING THIS GREAT  ASSET HERE for them to enjoy and they would sign our VISITOR BOOK with that in mind.
PARISH COUNCIL JUST THINK BEFORE YOU GET RID OF IT. This Pandemic will go sometime AND WE WILL BE LEFT with nothing. The FUTURE is there and we will be great AGAIN.

from a loyal dedicated Volunteer who Just Wishes She could come back again and greet the return of people again.


June Jory





The villagers of Tintagel BACKED the Council when they decided to buy the Visitor Centre from the
Cornwall County Council.

To think they are going to decide whether to sell the building I'm afraid is out of order!.

The CORONA VIRUS is still in Cornwall and now the Council want to sel/closel the building without first asking the villagers?!

This should be delayed to seek some questions from the local people on why this situation has arrived
and what can be done to rectify this valuable asset to OUR Council and Village

I personally am very unhappy with this sudden decision without seeking the people of Tintagel's views!
If the people want to sell it thats fine but we MUST have our views before such a decision is made by the Council

What are your views.
Please let you own local website have your thoughts and they will be printed on the website.
Email flowcrick@aol.com or 01840 770775

David Flower (Webmaster)



18th March 2020
/in  /by 

Having discussed the current situation, regarding the spread of Coronavirus, with the Chairman of the Parish Council,
it has been decided that the Tintagel Tourist Information Centre will close with immediate effect.
This is a temporary measure.  In the event of an EMERGENCY ONLY please contact the Parish Clerk using the details below.
We will monitor the situation and advise you all of any changes.

Keep safe!

Carolyn May
Parish Clerk to Tintagel Parish Council
A2 Victoria Advent House
Station Approach, Victoria
Roche PL26 8LG
T: 01726 210139
E: clerk@tintagelparishcouncil.gov.uk

Anyone have photographs to tie in with this story

20th July 2020/0 Comments/in  /by  Tintagel Parish Council

Mr Gordon Jacobs recently contacted the Parish Clerk with an interesting story.

Mr Jacobs was clearing out his late uncles’ property when he came across an old trophy. The cup was extremely tarnished, but the inscription was clear. The item was the old Tintagel and District Association Football League Trophy, which had been presented by none other than Mr F.T, Glasscock. in 1919.

Mr Jacobs asked if the Parish Council would like the item. The alternative was that it would be offered to charity, possibly to be sold and melted down for the silver content.

The Clerk accepted the offer to receive the cup on behalf of the Parish Council and the item was forwarded to her on the     16th July 2020.

On receipt of the cup, an inspection noted that the item was silver and had been made by the famous jeweller, Mappin and Webb of London. The following inscriptions, on the cup, were clear:


1919-20                Bude
1920-21                Wadebridge
1921-22                Tintagel
1922-23                Tintagel
1923-24                Camelford.

Thereafter, there appears to have been a hiatus, prior to the trophy being reinstated as the ‘North Cornwall Youth Clubs Tournament Cup’, in 1948.
The following shields are attached to the wooden plinth of the cup;
1948                       Padstow
1949                       Tintagel
1959          Nanpean Minors
It has been agreed that it will now be retained by the Parish Council and be placed in an appropriate cabinet at the new Tintagel Community H



Message on my Forum Page frpm Lynn Tansey
I have long been interested in learning as much information as possible about this amazing woman Florence Nightingale Richards.
The keeper of the keys to the castle. I have gleaned info from Tintagel book by Mr Dyer, also from odd photos.
But little seems to been known about the depth of her life, & also about her mother Sarah who was also a key holder in her time..
I wonder if this was a legacy or just an opportunity. Did Sarah's mother do the same.
So many questions.
I love to hear stories about women like this because this is real & not part of the myth making that seems to focus on men rather than women in a positive way.
I am not being sexist but rather an observer of reality. I would appreciate what anybody else has to offer about these incredible women.
I was so pleased to see that a couple of like minded ladies also recognised this & created a lasting memento plaque in memory of Florence.
Well done ladies!
.During the years 2016 and 2017 we had a week long Radio Station here in Tintagel in Carnival Week
and I was pleased to be allowed to have one show in 2016 and three shows in 2017

Sadly that appears to be the end of Tintagel Carnival Radio but who knows?.
IF you would like to listen to my three shows the links are below.


 David Flower-Monday_C.mp3 Recorded Monday July 31st 2017 6pm to 7pm​​

David Flower-Wednesday_C.mp3 Recorded Wednesday August 2nd 2017 6pm to 7pm

David Flower-Friday_C.mp3​​Recorded Friday August 4th 2017 6pm to 7pm


Photo taken on JUNE 15th 2019


The bridge parts start to arrive .
One Bridge Side Panel and Two Very Tall Cranes .........................................................First Section Fitted Tuesday June 18th 2019

June 21st 2019 ........Bridge Is As One June 29th 2019. ...........Will They Meet In The Middle. Approx 8" Gap?!


The bridge was opened on Sunday August 11th


Saturday 3rd August saw the end of another fantastic Tintagel Carnival Week with the ever popular Grand Carnival Parade.
Starting from Wicket's Field, Bossiney and wending its way through the village and back, led by Nancy the Shire Horse & Harry the Shetland pony 50 brilliant entries including visiting Carnival royalty and marching bands entertained a packed village crowd.
The Overall Carnival Winning Entry was Trevenna Ladies Home Guard – Landa & Ladies and the Best Comedy Award went Tech Gnome – May Family & Co.
The Best Dressed Collector Trophy was won by Snapdragon – Lou Handley and the Best Queens Float was from Delabole.
Phil Aston, Chairman Tintagel Carnival, said, "What a fantastic Carnival Parade, a big thank-you to all the entries for their amazing contributions,
the Carnival Committee, visiting judges, Kathy Rowse (Queens compare),
Mel Rowe (Parade compare), the volunteers for all their hard work and the large village crowd for digging deep into their pockets to help raise money
to allow the Carnival to donate to local charities.
Next year more than ever we are in need of new committee members and/or volunteers to help organise & run Carnival Week.
Come on Tintagel, if you want a Carnival next year we need you to volunteer, come forward and join the committee.



Tintagel Carnival 2019 Results

2019 Tintagel Carnival Queen. Fairy Queen – Edie-Grace Attendants – Princess Violet-May & Family Tintagel Carnival Overall Winner
Trevenna Ladies Home Guard – Landa & Ladies Best Dressed Collector Snapdragon – Lou Handley Class No :  1 – Artistic & Historic Tableaux
1st – The Wombles – Launceston Steam & Vintage Rally 2nd – Winning Wimbledon – Joanna Davison Joint 3rd – Disney – Tintagel Castle & Old Macdonald had a farm – Charlie Flew & family Class No :  2 – Artistic & Historic Tableaux Under 16 1st – Super Mario Brothers & Kart – Charlie & William. 2nd – Little Cornish Mermaid – Carla Wain
Class No :  3 – Comic Tableaux 1st – Tech Gnome – May Family & Co. 2nd – Trevenna Ladies Home Guard – Landa & Ladies 3rd – Carnival Kings – The Griffin Family
Class No :  4 – Tradesmen’s Tableaux 1st – The Dunree Caravan Site (Delabole) – Jenny Sleep & Family 2nd – HM Coastguard (Boscastle)
3rd – Sleeps Class No: 5 – Walking Tableaux Over 5 People 1st – Tintagel Warriors 2nd – Tintagel Surf Lifesaving Club 3rd – Under The Sea - Tintangels
Class No :  7 – Walking Group Up To 4 People 1st – DC Comics – Olivia, Freya, Ellie & Billy Joint 2nd – Harry Potter – Ryan & Debbie Moore and T & T Trading
– Katrina Turner & Friends Joint 3rd – Kasey, Piran & Jakka Smeeth & Pheobes Sweet Treats – Ruby, Pheobe & Katherine Wright
Class No :  8 – Vintage Or Preserved Vehicle 1st – MGA (1959) – Vaughan Williams 2nd – Panther Kalista – David Bastard
3rd –  Nubian Fire Engine - Emergency Services Museum (Cornwall) Class No :  9 – Vintage Or Preserved Tractor 1st – Dexter – Scott Reynolds
2nd – 1986 Ford 8210 - Thomas Herrington Class No :  10 – Walking Lady And/Or Gent 1st – Diane Bray 2nd – Caroline Edwards 3rd – WW1 Sailor – Peter Minor
Class No :  12 – Decorated Hand Propelled Vehicle 1st – The Robertson Family – Paul & Debs West Class No :  13 – Walker under 14. 1st – Turtle – Brandon Edwards.
2019 Queen of Queen’s Competition. Best Fairy Queen 1st – Sticker 2nd – Delabole 3rd – Boscastle Best Fairy Queen Group 1st – Delabole 2nd – Sticker
Best Senior Queen 1st – St. Dennis 2nd – Sticker 3rd – Boscastle 4th – Camelford Best Senior Group 1st – Camelford 2nd – St. Dennis 3rd – Sticker
Best Overall Group 1st – St. Dennis 2nd – Camelford 3rd – Sticker (Fairy Queen) Best Queens Float Delabole

The Tintagel St Materiana Church Bellringers, need more people to join them
and full training will be given.

Come along and not only be part of the Church Bellringer team but also come and enjoy yourselves with a new hobby
Bellringers at St Materiana's Church, Tintagel, now practice every MONDAY evening at 8pm.
If you you are interested please contact David Kenner on 01840 770741



Caroline Boxall, is one of Frederick Boxall's daughters , the other daughter is called Melanie.
Fred was better known by his stage name Ricky Lee, and sadly died aged just 33 years old, 
at his home Number 33 The Butts, Tintagel on the 20th September 1983.
She has no photographs or a recording of him singing
and would desperately like to be in touch with someone who can help in her search.

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