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If you have any information to give of these two burglaries at the Premier Supermarket
and Spar Supermarket, please ring 101 for the Police or let Tintagelweb know on Email: flowcrick@aol.com
A few years ago Tintagelweb installed a camera to record any criminal activity in the village
It had been placed on a pole outside the Old Tolle House at the top of the village and looked down all the way to the Wooten’s Hotel
Sadly we were reported by a few local people to the Cornwall County Council and we were compulsory forced to take the camera down.
Thank you to those people for stopping some security in the village!!
At the time a business person contacted Tintagelweb THANKING US for having the camera and they felt much safer when they went down
to the Old Post Office to investigate

What a shame that the camera was not there!!


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Thursday's news briefing - the daily digest of Cornwall's headlines. You can view the full article here:

Local plan referenda for three Cornish communities. You can view the full article here:

 EXCLUSIVE: the long and winding road that leads precisely nowhere - why Cornwall Council's ambitions for Truro New Town, and a stadium, are struggling to progress. You can view the full article here:

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Back to school for Cornish students who went skiing in the coronavirus region of Italy. You can view the full article here:

Royal Cornwall Hospital comes out of "special measures" and progresses to "requires improvement" CQC rating. You can view the full article here:

County Hall admits that the land deals necessary for both Truro New Town and a stadium are still not done. You can view the full article here:

 Tuesday's news briefing - the daily digest of Cornwall's headlines. You can view the full article here:

Cornwall Council tax to increase 3.99%, as councillors vote 63-38 in favour of their budget. You can view the full article here:

Comedian Jethro calls it a day, announcing his retirement. You can view the full article here:


Penair school, Truro, asks pupils and staff to "self quarantine" because of coronavirus scare, following ski trip to Italy. You can view the full article here:

Cornwall Council by-election to be held at St Mewan, as Cherilyn MackRory MP quits County Hall. You can view the full article here:

Helston's Beehive pub could lose its licence. You can view the full article here:

Labour tries to squeeze an extra £500,000 out of today's budget, in bid to help Cornwall's youth centres. You can view the full article here:

Bude & Stratton Community Treatment Centre to re-open on Sunday - but still faces an uncertain future. You can view the full article here:

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Monday's news briefing - the daily digest of Cornwall's headlines. You can view the full article here:

Planning officials signal thumbs-up for proposal to demolish North Cornwall hotel and build apartments instead. You can view the full article here:

Look closely at the humble Cornish hedgerow and you will find a publicly-funded piece of installation art. You can view the full article here:

Cornwall Council to spend £1.3 billion, after 99 people out of 100 ignored its public consultation exercise

Lots more talk, but still no action, as Branson delays again and heads for Cornwall. You can view the full article here:

Labour's Gareth Derrick will again contest Police & Crime Commissioner election in Devon & Cornwall. You can view the full article here:

Friday's news briefing - the daily digest of Cornwall's headlines. You can view the full article here:

How Airbnb is changing the face of Cornwall's holiday lettings industry. You can view the full article here:


If You would like to EMail the Tintagel website on flowcrick@aol.com
Your name will not be put on the website unless you want it to be

E Mail Letters From Tintagel Residents

WHERE WILL THEY GO ???????!!!!!!!

Dear sir I am sure  you are aware that the Parish Council have now decided to close the Tintagel Visitor Centre Toilets
(apart from the disabled) for 2020 despite spending a fortune on the entry gate systems.
On top of this they cut back the flower baskets for the village and upped our precept by 9.5%.
Begs the question, where is all our money going?
Maybe worth mentioning the £2,500.000 worth of feature railing purchased 18 months ago which are sitting in their store shed.
These were planned for the Trevena Square refurbishment when I was in charge of this item,
when I left, they did not continue with the programme.
Furthermore, new hanging basket poles were erected in the square 18 months ago which were part of the programme.
These pole came with bespoke baskets for the poles but the poles were left empty this year – waste of time putting up the poles I think.
I have requested a breakdown of costs for the last year relating to expenditure on public toilets, put I won’t hold my breath.
TVC not only had expensive entry systems installed, which were supposed to pay for themselves according to the parish
( hence the hike to 50p a go) but also expensive building work to incorporate the entry systems which will now lie redundant.
All this whilst they are talking of purchasing more land/assets on ‘our’ behalf. If the council is to purchase further land or asset, this should be put to the public for their opinion or at least discuss it in public and not behind closed doors at council meetings i.e deliberations

Email January 10th 2020 at 20:38

Subject: Parish council

Dear sir
I read with interest the content of the two emails sent to you by parishioners. I have thought for a long time what is the parish council doing, closure of toilets, the installation of new payment barriers and associated works , the high cost of entry 50p.
It is very difficult to gain from the minutes what information and costings have been presented to councillors before
they made these decisions.
There has been no mention of business plans or risk assessments. Decisions seem to be made by plucking random ideas from the air without any logic or reason to them .
Another factor in trying to work out what the council is actually doing and costing us is the lack of any accounts, bills are paid on a monthly basis at the meetings but no record of accounts put in the minutes. Where are the accounts for 18/19 ? they should be readily available now, we're only 3 months off the 19/20 set of accounts. 

There seems to be no accountability to parishioners by this council ,it's public participation policy stifles out any real scrutiny of what it is doing, far too many decisions are made in closed session.

And now to cap it all after closing three sets of toilets on cost reasons, they have set the new precept £141,000, nine and a half percent up on last year what are they doing with our money?
And finally the village square,under a upgrade policy £20,000 was allocated to refurbish the Square. Is that all 20,000 buys. It was interesting to hear about the railings in the shed, the seats are falling apart it's obvious they have not been treated for some time. It was interesting to read in the minutes discussion about parking in the Square. When the square was given to the parish council after regeneration was complete the then council decided that the car park was a shoppers car park and besides limiting it to parishioners the parking times were half an hour and no return within 2-hours. Where and when were the new times quoted in the minutes discussed and passed no wonder cars like a Honda Laguna  WJ56NUP  have been in the same space for the last 6 weeks. Just a few general comments I await with interest the minutes of the last meeting. Perhaps next time we will be able to go into more depth about the barmy decisions this council has made about the toilets etc.
Message on my Forum Page frpm Lynn Tansey
I have long been interested in learning as much information as possible about this amazing woman Florence Nightingale Richards.
The keeper of the keys to the castle. I have gleaned info from Tintagel book by Mr Dyer, also from odd photos.
But little seems to been known about the depth of her life, & also about her mother Sarah who was also a key holder in her time..
I wonder if this was a legacy or just an opportunity. Did Sarah's mother do the same.
So many questions.
I love to hear stories about women like this because this is real & not part of the myth making that seems to focus on men rather than women in a positive way.
I am not being sexist but rather an observer of reality. I would appreciate what anybody else has to offer about these incredible women.
I was so pleased to see that a couple of like minded ladies also recognised this & created a lasting memento plaque in memory of Florence.
Well done ladies!
During the years 2016 and 2017 we had a week long Radio Station here in Tintagel in Carnival Week
and I was pleased to be allowed to have one show in 2016 and three shows in 2017

Sadly that appears to be the end of Tintagel Carnival Radio but who knows?.
IF you would like to listen to my three shows the links are below.


 David Flower-Monday_C.mp3 Recorded Monday July 31st 2017 6pm to 7pm​​

David Flower-Wednesday_C.mp3 Recorded Wednesday August 2nd 2017 6pm to 7pm

David Flower-Friday_C.mp3​​ Recorded Friday August 4th 2017 6pm to 7pm


Photo taken on JUNE 15th 2019

The bridge parts start to arrive .
One Bridge Side Panel and Two Very Tall Cranes .........................................................First Section Fitted Tuesday June 18th 2019

June 21st 2019 ........Bridge Is As One June 29th 2019. ...........Will They Meet In The Middle. Approx 8" Gap?!


The bridge was opened on Sunday August 11th


Saturday 3rd August saw the end of another fantastic Tintagel Carnival Week with the ever popular Grand Carnival Parade.
Starting from Wicket's Field, Bossiney and wending its way through the village and back, led by Nancy the Shire Horse & Harry the Shetland pony 50 brilliant entries including visiting Carnival royalty and marching bands entertained a packed village crowd.
The Overall Carnival Winning Entry was Trevenna Ladies Home Guard – Landa & Ladies and the Best Comedy Award went Tech Gnome – May Family & Co.
The Best Dressed Collector Trophy was won by Snapdragon – Lou Handley and the Best Queens Float was from Delabole.
Phil Aston, Chairman Tintagel Carnival, said, "What a fantastic Carnival Parade, a big thank-you to all the entries for their amazing contributions,
the Carnival Committee, visiting judges, Kathy Rowse (Queens compare),
Mel Rowe (Parade compare), the volunteers for all their hard work and the large village crowd for digging deep into their pockets to help raise money
to allow the Carnival to donate to local charities.
Next year more than ever we are in need of new committee members and/or volunteers to help organise & run Carnival Week.
Come on Tintagel, if you want a Carnival next year we need you to volunteer, come forward and join the committee.



Tintagel Carnival 2019 Results

2019 Tintagel Carnival Queen. Fairy Queen – Edie-Grace Attendants – Princess Violet-May & Family Tintagel Carnival Overall Winner
Trevenna Ladies Home Guard – Landa & Ladies Best Dressed Collector Snapdragon – Lou Handley Class No :  1 – Artistic & Historic Tableaux
1st – The Wombles – Launceston Steam & Vintage Rally 2nd – Winning Wimbledon – Joanna Davison Joint 3rd – Disney – Tintagel Castle & Old Macdonald had a farm – Charlie Flew & family Class No :  2 – Artistic & Historic Tableaux Under 16 1st – Super Mario Brothers & Kart – Charlie & William. 2nd – Little Cornish Mermaid – Carla Wain
Class No :  3 – Comic Tableaux 1st – Tech Gnome – May Family & Co. 2nd – Trevenna Ladies Home Guard – Landa & Ladies 3rd – Carnival Kings – The Griffin Family
Class No :  4 – Tradesmen’s Tableaux 1st – The Dunree Caravan Site (Delabole) – Jenny Sleep & Family 2nd – HM Coastguard (Boscastle)
3rd – Sleeps Class No: 5 – Walking Tableaux Over 5 People 1st – Tintagel Warriors 2nd – Tintagel Surf Lifesaving Club 3rd – Under The Sea - Tintangels
Class No :  7 – Walking Group Up To 4 People 1st – DC Comics – Olivia, Freya, Ellie & Billy Joint 2nd – Harry Potter – Ryan & Debbie Moore and T & T Trading
– Katrina Turner & Friends Joint 3rd – Kasey, Piran & Jakka Smeeth & Pheobes Sweet Treats – Ruby, Pheobe & Katherine Wright
Class No :  8 – Vintage Or Preserved Vehicle 1st – MGA (1959) – Vaughan Williams 2nd – Panther Kalista – David Bastard
3rd –  Nubian Fire Engine - Emergency Services Museum (Cornwall) Class No :  9 – Vintage Or Preserved Tractor 1st – Dexter – Scott Reynolds
2nd – 1986 Ford 8210 - Thomas Herrington Class No :  10 – Walking Lady And/Or Gent 1st – Diane Bray 2nd – Caroline Edwards 3rd – WW1 Sailor – Peter Minor
Class No :  12 – Decorated Hand Propelled Vehicle 1st – The Robertson Family – Paul & Debs West Class No :  13 – Walker under 14. 1st – Turtle – Brandon Edwards.
2019 Queen of Queen’s Competition. Best Fairy Queen 1st – Sticker 2nd – Delabole 3rd – Boscastle Best Fairy Queen Group 1st – Delabole 2nd – Sticker
Best Senior Queen 1st – St. Dennis 2nd – Sticker 3rd – Boscastle 4th – Camelford Best Senior Group 1st – Camelford 2nd – St. Dennis 3rd – Sticker
Best Overall Group 1st – St. Dennis 2nd – Camelford 3rd – Sticker (Fairy Queen) Best Queens Float Delabole

The Tintagel St Materiana Church Bellringers, need more people to join them
and full training will be given.

Come along and not only be part of the Church Bellringer team but also come and enjoy yourselves with a new hobby
Bellringers at St Materiana's Church, Tintagel, now practice every MONDAY evening at 8pm.
If you you are interested please contact David Kenner on 01840 770741



Caroline Boxall, is one of Frederick Boxall's daughters , the other daughter is called Melanie.
Fred was better known by his stage name Ricky Lee, and sadly died aged just 33 years old, 
at his home Number 33 The Butts, Tintagel on the 20th September 1983.
She has no photographs or a recording of him singing
and would desperately like to be in touch with someone who can help in her search.

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David Flower, is a freelance photographer with the

If you would like a copy of any photograph                         
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mail: flowcrick@aol.com
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