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SUNDAY JULY 23rd 2017

DEATH: Merv Palmer (Merv's Mentions)
Tintagelweb is very sad to announce the death of my dear friend, Merv Palmer.
I worked with Merv at the Camelford & Delabole Post for many years, mainly supplying him with sports photos for the paper. Latterly, in the Journal  Gazette which he was involved with for twenty years. His "Merv's Mentions" are famous thoughout this part of Cornwall, and whilst people were a bit apprehensive what they said to him, they still loved him.
In the last couple of years Merv and I were involved in the Journal Gazette looking for stories that Merv could get involved with. Like the 'Going into the Bees' enclosure, holding a live crab and so many great adventures. He met Pip in the last few years and I would see them both many times throughout these crazy capers.
Merv has died much too young and I am devastated that he is no longer with us. He was quite a shy person, but once he got amongst his friends he blossomed into the Merv we knew and loved.
Although suffering from heart troubles in the last few years, he battled through. A few weeks ago he began to feel ill and had many tests and just a couple of weeks ago he went into Derriford Hospital. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and sadly passed away at 6.30 am on Saturday July 21st 2017.
The world has lost a friend, a gentleman and a great character and we are much the poorer for his passing. I am sad that I will never again hear him say  when he answered the phone 'Hello David' in his usual cheery manner.
My thoughts are with his family, his many friends for his mentions in his beloved Journal Gazette and of course his partner Pip Fitzpatrick
Rest in peace dear Merv - I will never forget you.
His pal
David Flower



On Saturday afternoon July 8th 2017 around 5.30pm somebody spotted 17 year old Finn Layland-Stratfield near Hole Beach at Trebarwith.

He was wearing dark clothing and dark army style boots. He is 5'9" tall and of slim build. Finn has dark brown floppy hair with a long fringe and has an ear stretcher in his left ear.

On his left arm he has a tattoo with the words 'Noah 2005'. Please look out for this nice young man and if you have seen him or heard of him
please give the information to the police on Phone 101. Reference: 844090717


DEATH: Tintagelweb is very sad to announce the sudden death of Claire Ferret on Friday July 7th 2017
More details when we have them



The Toilets are now open again thanks to the efforts of the recently elected Conservatie Cornwall Councillor for Tintagel Barry Jordan.

He has given funding for the short term of £2.000 from his Community Chest fund awarded to him by the Cornwall Council. There has been efforts by Barry and the Tintagel Councillor Richard Hart, along with volunteers from Trebarwith to get the toilets reopened.
Barry has also set up a Crowd Funder page. The Cornwall Council shut the toilets permanently one month ago and it is now hoped a new committee 'Trebarwith Toilets Community Consortium' will be formed and take over the running of the toilets in the long term

Good news for Tintagel and good news for all who visit Trebarwith Strand



The village Post Office in Londis (Premier)(, has closed down permanently. The new local Post Office for Tintagel is now at Boscastle Post Office, where you can send and collect parcels and post. The Free Cash Machine is now operating again in the store.
Is there another venue in the village where it could re-open?.

The new vicar inTintagel has left his post in St Materiana's Chuch at Tintgagel after a few weeks in charge.
St Materiana will now have to find a new Vicar for the Church

Tintagelweb is pleased to announce that Rafael Krasnodersui (Raf),
has obtained a licence for this year 2017, for the return of Tintagel Carnival Radio.
Raf operated the Tintagel Carnival Radio Station live for the very first time in Carnival Week 2016.
He has been working get the licence Tintagel Carnival Radio and it will return for Carnival week again in August 2017.

More Details Later


Tintagel Visitor Centre is manned almost entirely by volunteers from the Parish Council and local people.
The volunteers work for the satisfaction of building our community, assisting the thousands of tourists that visit Tintagel
and the surrounding area and helping our beautiful village to thrive.
We are in need of a few more volunteers particularly during the afternoons and during periods of sickness and holidays.
If you’d like to be involved, whether you can offer just 1 or 2 hours a week or a morning or afternoon shift, we would welcome you to join our team.
And although it’s a worthy activity, it is great fun too!
If you are interested please pop into the Visitor Centre for a chat.
You can now also apply to be a Volunteer at the Visitor Centre via the Tintagel Parish Website www.tintagelparishcouncil.gov.uk



I have worked for the local papers since 2002 rumours are going round that I no longer do so and have retired.
This is completely untrue but the main reason these rumours are going round is the fact that local papers are going through
massive changes since Social Media (Facebook and the like) became all the thing to do!.

I still work mainly for the Cornish & Devon Post (Camelford & Delabole Post) and nearly all my photographic photos
and stories will appear in this paper along with it's companion free paper the Journal Gazette.

I also work for the North Cornwall Advertiser and the Cornish Guardian.
Getting photos in the papers these days are much more difficult because of their cost cutting
If you want me to cover your story or take photographs please CONTACT ME DIRECTLY
on 01840 770775 or EMail me on flowcrick@aol.com


Because the Passport Photos Booths are shutting down I have decided to continue with my Passport Photos Service
Please contact me on 01840 770775 or flowcrick@aol.com.


There are practice sessions onTuesday Evenings 7.30 pm till 10pm
or/and Wednesday and Friday mornings 10am till 12noon
Free Tuition Every Week
Phone Bob Flower on 01840770857
Just turn up to the Social Hall. You will be made very welcome




. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************

NEW ON Tintagelweb

Tintagel Carnival Photos from 2003 to 2016 in Slideshows!!

On our newly designed pages please have a look at the new slide show photos HERE



www.Tintagelweb.co.uk is gong throgh the long process of upgrading the site to accomodate people using IPads and Mobile Phones.
Around 80% of people who visit web sites now do it via their Mobile phones!
It is a very long job as this Award Winning site has so many pages that have to be upgraded.
Hopefully this will be completed this year!!.
Most computer experts said that the job was too large for them to tackle bu my old friend Kevin Edwards agreed to tackle the project.
We are working together to improve the site

Please Be Patient!

YOU CAN CONTACT ME BY Email: flowcrick@aol.com or Phone 01840 770775


English Heritage has selected the bridge that will be built subject to planning permisions
The site is being 'upgraded' and recently a Carving of Merlin's face has been engraved (and damaged) in the cliff close to Merlin's Cave

Let me know your views please at flowcrick@aol.com

Email from an old School friend and former resident of Tintagel

Dear David,  From Robert Putt born Tintagel 1943 Castle View Rd,

I feel I must contact you as I know that you are someone of around my age group, I am extremely dismayed to hear of future plans to modify Tintage & spoil the wonderful view over the Castle & Beach area. What an eyesore a modern bridge will be to look at for people wanting to visit an ancient monument like this. I cannot start to  understand how English Heritage could even contemplate such a move !! but see that awful building that was allowed to be built on Salisbury Plain @ Stonehenge visitor centre, if you have not seen it,  it is a most hideous place built of Stainless Steel Tubing about 60' high & made up of glass, at one time it was made underground @ the entrance to the site & out of sight. Now they want to spoil beautiful Old Tintagel in the same way. The next will be to put a roof over the whole of the ruins to protect visitors against the tempest of the Atlantic winds & rain. I spent my first 20 some odd years roaming all over this area with it also overlooked from our property. I do not know what most of Tintagel's older original born residents feel about it but understand some of them probably moved into village over the later years & some being the people who changed the village for profit over the last 30 -40 yrs, feel it is a wonderful idea but when the West gales are at there strongest I think anyone crossing at those times would be mad with a death wish. I presume it is a done thing & permission will be given for planning consent. If this should go ahead how on earth will it be secured into the land on each side as both you & I know that most of the cliff area is made up of very soft rock ( reason for causeway ) as can be seen looking out over the back side of the keep from the stile on pathway from the Church. Cabling will have to be fixed so deeply into the land on each side to tie the bridge to the original ground within the ruins it will have to have such massive destruction carried out. What is Tintagel Paris Councils real true thought about it as I feel it will kill peoples interest. When in place it will be permanent like all the wind turbines & solar farms now sited throughout all the high points in Cornwall & why when there is so much water, Huge rivers like at Trago flowing 24/365 capable of driving water turbines many times over along that stretch alone.  I am glad that I no longer am able to get the view now with only pictures & memories when visiting my Heritage each year, I feel so sad to walk down the High Street looking at so many places that gave me my memories, but not now. So many memories David of you / your Family, School days & Characters who Walked / Worked / Played /& made the Village Life, who must be turning in there graves if they can see it now. 

Sincerely Robert Putt.  robertputt@outlook.com   now residing @ St Austell.  

Another Local View

Dear David

Having read Robert Putt's comments on the proposed bridge for Tintagel Castle, we entirely agree with his comments and also consider the whole concept completely bonkers.

Those of us living in Tintagel all know how windy it gets up there even on a fairly mild day and so this eyesore would be shut a considerable amount of time as it would be so dangerous.

One of the charms of the castle is the effort we all have to make to get there and back - look at the comments on Trip Advisor - visitors love the fact they did it and how wonderful it all is, the atmosphere etc.  Yes, there are those who moan about being no safety barriers on the island to stop their children from diving into the sea, but they are all warned of the dangers before they go on the island. 

The island as it is and has been for many centuries is a one-off - awesome - please can the residents of Tintagel stand up and object to this ridiculous idea.

Kind regards

Robin & Margaret Beckett


Hi David,

I am looking forward to the decision on the design of the proposed bridge to link Castle Island.

Hopefully it will be a single span which will look very graceful.

The idea is brilliant and will enable many more people to see the amazing views from the Island and learn more of its history.

It could also encourage more people to access the path to the Church and beyond-enjoying a circular walk of great landscape beauty.

My Grandfather and Father used to have the grazing rights for their sheep on the Island in the 1920s when there was only a path leading up to the top.

I wish English Heritage in its new form much success with this project. Let's have the Island open all year again.


Harry Sandercock.

John Stratton Group Oil Orders

If you would like to join the group ring John Stratton on 01840 770500

Dates for the year 2017 for oil orders  are as follows
May 26th,         August.  25th,       November  17th

Orders can be placed anytime time before these dates by ringing John on 01840 770500

Leaving name, address, phone number and amount of oil required.

ohn Stratton






The latest scandal by BT with their charges they make for using their 118500 Directory Service has been publicised in the newspapers. 
If you use their Directory service you pay an initial £59 and then £2.39 per minute till you have your answer. 
One pensioner was charged £81 for just ONE query and another had a three month bill for £454!. 
BT has been fined £25,000 and has to refund those people who used the service and were astounded by the charges BT made.

As you must have a computer to read of this con, you can find out ANY BT number here on www.tintagelweb.co.uk!. 
There is much more information on my page 'Links and Websites' on Tintagelweb and this is the LINK

Ä The Tintagel St Materiana Church Bellringers, need more people to join them and full training will be given.

Come along and not only be part of the Church Bellringer team but also come and enjoy yourselves with a new hobby

Bellringers at St Materiana's Church, Tintagel, now practice every MONDAYevening at 8pm.
If you you are
interested please contact David Kenner on 01840 770741


 CAN YOU HELP? Ricky Lee +

Caroline Boxall, is one of Frederick Boxall's daughters , the other daughter is called Melanie.
Fred was better known by his stage name Ricky Lee, and sadly died aged just 33 years old, 
at his home Number 33 The Butts, Tintagel on the 20th September 1983.
She has no photographs or a recording of him singing
and would desperately like to be in touch with someone who can help in her search.
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  DIARY DATES for the Tintagel Quiz nights are listed on our  Diary Dates page
If you have any Diary Dates these are FREE on Tintagelweb. 
Please contact the Webmaster on 01840 770775 or EMail on flowcrick@aol.com

Camelford & Delabole Post, Sunday Independent, Journal Gazette,
 North Cornwall Advertiser and

Cornish Guardian (not Sport!)

If you have a story in future and you would like photographs to appear in the local paper,  please get in touch with 

David Flower on 01840 770775  E mail: flowcrick@aol.com

Have a look at Bude Council's TEN cameras!  HERE

Have a look at Boscastle's THREE cameras HERE

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  The FREE Journal Gazette for June 2017 is now available 
David Flower, is a freelance photographer with the
Camelford & Delabole Post, Sunday Independent, Journal Gazette,
North Cornwall Advertiser, North Cornwall Post & Diary
and Cornish Guardian,
Get your copy for local new photographs & stories
If you have an event, special occasion or News suitable for publication in the press
or you would like a copy of any photograph                         
Please ring: 01840 770775 orE
mail: flowcrick@aol.com
My website is proud to be featured on the BBC Cornwall website.
Have a look at the BBC site
If you have a news story please E mail me on flowcrick@aol.com
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