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                                   Tintagel A.F.C. 1903          
Back Row: Charlie Allen, S.Cann, John Fry, Percy Youlton, S.Stacey, John Lang
Front Row: N.Stacey, C.Beadon, James Fry, Tom Cann, William Taylor
(Poor quality photo taken from a newspaper)



Can You Help With Any Names Please?

Tintagel A.F.C. circa 1920s

Can You Help With Any Names Please?


Coach With The Footballers

TINTAGEL A.F.C TEAM circa 1930s
Back Row L to R: ?, C.Sandercock, ?, ?
Middle Row: ?
Front Row: ?, Boysey Prouse, ?, ?, J.Fry(Bumper), F.Climo

Boy's Team circa 1925

                   Photograph Taken In A Field Near Trevillick
                     Back Row L to R: Berwin Thomas, John Dawe, Bill Tremain.
                      Middle Row: James Mitchner, Bob Maunder, Hockey Parsons.
                                                     Front Row:?, Frank Sandercock, Jack Allen, Cyril Stapleton, Ken Cann.

Tintagel A.F.C. 1925    TINTAGEL A.F.C 1925
       Winners Cornwall Junior Cup 1925/26
Back Row: L to R:Frederick Glasscock, Will Cann, Reg Sparks, Pat Deacon, Lou Harris,
Harry Cann, Dick Dawe, Jim Lugg, Mrs Glasscock, Will Symons, Hancock,  Mr Sinclair
Middle Row: Norman Cann, Frank Cann, Cephas Dawe, Larry Cann, J.Curtis.
Front Row: John (Bumper) Fry, Harry Teague, F "Scoper" Cann, F Climo, Preston Dyer

                            TINTAGEL A.F.C 1938
Tintagel A.F.C 1938Back Row: L to R: Donnithorne, J.Dawe, Richards
Middle Row: C.Dawe, 'Bumper' Fry, Phil Menhennick
Front Row: Boysey Prouse, Peter Knight, Noel Joyce, Dudley Kernick, Bill Tremain
(Photo Courtesy Of Dudley Kernick)

                              TINTAGEL A.F.C 1951
St Austell Final  
Tintagel A.F.C 1951Front row L to R: John Fry, Leonard (Ginger) Parsons, Tony Fry, 
Ken Cann and Bill Tremain. 
Back row L to R: Alan Menhennick ( Linesman), Harvey Knight, Jack Allen Rodney Nute,
 Ernie Tremain, Ted Haddow, Harold Donnithorne and Jim Goff (First Aid)

Harold Donnithorne Held Aloft In Bodmin

Great Team In 1953 TINTAGEL A.F.C 1953
Back Row L to R:E.Tremain(Snr), J.Goff(Snr), K.Cann, H.Knight, J.Dawe, S.Burnard,
N.Boundy, G.Doidge, C.Cann
Middle Row: L.Knight, W.Tremain, C.Sandercock
Ground: F.Sandercock, L.Brown, C.Stapleton, ?.

Back Row L to R: Peter Mellor, Rodney Nute and Worden Deacon
Middle Row: Jack Brown, Fred Dickens, Ray Nute
Front Row: George Menhennick, Ivan Irons, Fred Curtis, Ian Honey, Dedrick Tinney


    TINTAGEL A.F.C 1955-56
Winners Cornwall Senior League Division Two 1955-56    
Back Row L to R: Norman Boundy, Robbie Robinson, Harvey Knight,
Rodney Nute, Ernie Tremain, Billy Tremain
Front Row: Leonard Knight, Leslie Brown, Tony Fry, John Fry, Peter Dyer

Tintagel Minors Team 1958/59                   TINTAGEL MINORS A.F.C 1958-59   
Front Row L to R: Desmond May, Roger Deacon, Martin Cooke, Keith Cooper, Billy Dangar.
Back row L to R: Jack (Chumpy) Deacon(Secretary), Michael Brooker, Peter Channing, Graham Clarke, Roger Ferrett, Eric Snowden,
John Deacon(Capt), Andrew Maidment, Denzil Flew (Manager), Frank (Pard) Sandercock

                 TINTAGEL YOUTH TEAM 1974

Back Row Left to Right: Kevin Anderson, Mark Sansom, Robin Flower,
Graham Pearse, Bill Pearce,
 Alan Flower, Paul Greenwood, Peter Gibbons 
Front Row Left to Right:  Peter Dyer, Nigel Rundle, Derek Holding, Marcus Galley,
Kevin Haynes, Christopher Elston

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Tintagel C.C & Gloucestershire Teams
                              September 10th 1948

Tintagel C.C v Gloucestershire 1948
Back Row L to R: Bill Bloodworth (scorer), I.Hale, John Ellis, D.H.Boxall, Joe Flower, Peter Mellor, Ted Gowdy, John Leese, Peter Holmes,
A.G.S.Wilcox, Reg Lugg, Tom Graveney, Frank Marchant, Cliff Inman, F.Sutton (umpire)
Front Row: Bill Flower, G.W.Barker, L.Cranfield, C.J.Monks, Ernie Wills, Tom Goddard (Capt),  Rev David Street, W.L.Neale, C.J.Scott.

           Tintagel C.C Team V  Gloucestershire
Whit Monday 1947
Tintagel C.C & Members 1948
Back Row L to R: S.Canynge Caple, Gordon Clarke, W.H.Tonkin, Harry Bray, 
Joe Flower, Rev David Street, Cliff Inman, P.J.Stephens (President),
Ernie Wills(Captain), Mrs P.J.Stephens, Frank Marchant, Reg Lugg,
Charlie Ridge, Alec Gale, Henry Brown, S.E.Wilks, Ernie Tremain(Snr).
Front Row: S.Davies, Bill Flower, E.L.Street, Alan Menhennick, 
                                      Jack Freethy, Cephas Dawe.

Tintagel C.C 1984           Tintagel C.C. 1984
Back Row: L to R: John Meneer, Tony Seldon, Paul Knight, Pat Gregory, Garvyn Reynolds, Dave Bedborough, ?
Front Row: Les Burnard, Dave Flower, Len Flower, Pete Dyer.

                                                                   Tintagel C.C 1st XI 1996     
Tintagel C.C. 1st XI 1996
Back Row: L to R: John Harbinson, John Hunt, Paul Knight, Neil Tape,
Gavin Roberts
Front Row: Guy Keenan, Simon Harrison, Andy Billington, Bob Wilson,
Mark Horwell,
Inset: Steve Brown (Captain)

Tintagel C.C. 2nd XI 1996    Tintagel C.C. 2nd XI 1996
Back Row: L to R: Dave Pearse, Graham Winkle, Andy Warren, Neil Tape,
Steve Roach, Ken Bowes, Alex Drover
Front Row: Mark Horwell, Dave Lane, Len Flower (Captain), John Griffiths,
 Dave Flower
           Front: Emma and Natalie Flower

Tintagel C.C. 1st XI 1997   Tintagel C.C. 1st XI 1997
Back row: l to R: Andy Billington, Bob Wilson, Bill Trewin, John Harbinson,
John Hunt, Paul Knight
Front Row: Guy Keenan, Steve Brown, Neil Tape, Simon Harrison, Keith Thompson

Tintagel C.C. 2nd XI 1998   Tintagel C.C. 2nd XI 1998
Back Row:L to R: Steve Parsons, David Lane, Neil Tape, Neil Chatterton, John Bean.
Front Row: Mike Hartley, Matthew Chatterton, Len Flower (captain), Dave Flower, Dave Pearse
Inset: (L) Paul Knight (R)

Tintagel C.C 2nd XI 1999

        Tintagel C.C. 2nd XI 1999
                    Back Row L to R: Steve Roach, Bob Wilson, Steve Jose, Paul Knight
                                Neil Tape, Rob Gordon.
                              Front Row: Matthew Chatterton, David Flower, Len Flower (Captain), 
                                        Dave Pearse, Keith Lawrence

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