Battle Of Camlaan


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A lovely sunny day greeted the warriors as they set up camp in Tintagel and on Saturday August 5th 2000
they marched from the Visitor Centre to the battlefield.
The following pictures were captured on the morning of the battle around about 12.30pm and shows the village before and during the march.

May Battle Commence!

   Camlann Campsite  Before The Procession  The Procession Is Under Way     

Led By The Pipers  More Warrors Ready For Battle  The Warriors Have Gone To Battle  

The Battle Underway  Another Battle Scene  Fight To The Bitter End

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Let Battle Commence The Fighting Goes On In For The Kill
Over many years The Battle of Camlaan has raised much money for local charities,
these being The Cornwall First Air Ambulance and the R.N.L.I.  
Tintagel  witnessed this August King Arthur battle against his illegitimate son, Mordred This being the age old battle of Good  against Evil. Under the watchful eye of Merlin the armies drew up to face each other,
and the
silence was broken by the cries of warriors and the clash of swords, dramatically illustrating the battle on that fatal day back in the mists of time.
               But with the magic of Merlin you were able to see
how it was in Medieval times, but most importantly how it was in The Dark Ages the real time of Arthur.
               To achieve this re-enactors came together from all over England, Scotland, Wales, Southern Ireland, Northern Ireland and some from Europe, ALL TRAVELLED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE to bring the spectacular show to you

This is what a 12th Century Priest wrote about the Battle; 
"On the River Camel they carne together, the place was called Camelford; may the name last forever:     
   And at Camelford were gathered sixty thousand and more. Mordred was their leader, an d the noble Arthur  rode there with a huge army
although it was doomed. On the ,River Camel they fought together. Sparks flew  out spurs .shattered, shields broke, shafts snapped. The mighty fought together there.
The Camel was in flood with measureless blood. "Mordred was killed and Arthur mortally wounded, bringing to an end a Golden  Age for Britain.
 The Battle took place around the year 537 when Mordred tried to seize the throne, supported by bands of Mercenaries.

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             Lookuing Fearsome & Ready For The Battle Slave Leading The Way Outside The Old Post Office Three Fine Colourfull Horses Beautiful Lady Lititia
    Lovely Ladies Walk Past The Historic Old Post office The Ladies Have To March As Well Three Horses Lead The Procession Warrior In Molesworth Street
A Sausage Fry Up Before Going Into Battle One Of The Sales Displays Of Armour Woodworks by Steve Marsh of Bude
Weird & Wonderful Things On Sale Peter Pracownik, artist from Boscastle 
Striding Across The Bridge To Battle Large Crowds On Both Days
Mollie, Fernley, Sue & Laura Hatch From Delabole The Belly Dancers In Full 'Wobble' Before The Battle
   Beautiful Lady Lititia Practising For The Real Thing The Staff IsThe Choice Of Weapons Thirsty Work These Battles! Lookuing Fearsome & Ready For The Battle

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The Procession Who's A Joker? Wending It's Way To The Battlefield Waiting For The Battle And Still They MarchMany Battlers In 2004 He Who Dares! It's That Joker Again The Sun Shone For The Procession
Battlers Get Ready Looking Fearsome We're Ready For You I'm Only The Cameraman! A Drink In Time, Served By A Buxom Wench! Battlers Contemplate He's A Bit Young! Beer Tent Problems..... It's Tearing!!! 
Everybody ...Leave The Beer Tent! Going.............. Going................... Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Local Craftsman Repairs The Bows Get Ready.... Fire Your Arrows! Arrows Fired! Take Cover Boys!!
 Loading Up The Guns Get Ready To Fire Fire!!! The Smoke Clears

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