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Trebarwith Strand Through The Years

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A Very Old Photograph

This very old photograph of Trebarwith would have been taken at the turn of the 20th century. A man can be seen shovelling sand into a cart and he has four donkeys in attendance.

Sand, Donkeys & Gull Rock

Another old photograph about the turn of the 20th Century. Here is another picture of a man shovelling sand into a pack on one donkey. Other donkeys stand nearby.
Gull Rock in the background
GlassPlatePic.gif (145214 bytes) This photo which was taken on a glass plate has just been discovered in 2001. A horse & trap approaches Port William & some donkeys can be seen on entrance to the beach.  Probably circa 1860s?

The People & Carriages On Bank Holiday Monday 1890

August Bank Holiday in 1890. Locals people attended the beach in numbers with their horse & carriages. Long before visitors found our sandy beach here in Tintagel

Colour Photo In The 1920s

This early colour photograph was taken in the 1920s. Just one figure can be seen in the street. Note the building he is nearby. In the next photograph this building has been demolished..

Strand Hotel With Donkeys & Cart Outside

Another picture taken in the 1920s. However some building changes have taken place. Outside the Strand Hotel can be seen a cart and three donkeys. Had the owner slipped into the Hotel for a quick drink?.

Rare Photograph Of Trebarwith

This photograph clearly shows the road to the Port William Hotel. Note the large gateway at bottom right hand corner of the picture. You can see Gull Rock in the background. 
Taken around 1910-20

In the War Years 1939-45

Trebarwith during World War Two. 1939-45. The three Anti Submarine concrete structures can be clearly seen on the approach path to the beach. These were removed in the 1950s.

Colour Photo c1960

A photo taken in the 1960s. Note the coloured motor cars. There was no Life Saving Building or Toilet block in those days. It was quite normal to have someone drowned each summer. Now a rarity.

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