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  1. David and his wife Gladys, passed over the shop business to their daughter Hilary and her husband Manuel about five years ago.
    The Cook's are well known members of the Tintagel community and the closure of the traditional newsagents, tobacconist. stationers and confectioners puts an end to a long family tradition.
    David's Grandfather Harry Colin Cook, had a grocery, hairdressers and tobacconists shop in Delabole to start with. In the early 1900s he would come to Tintagel to cut hair in peoples homes and also by the roadside if need be.
    In 1914 a shop was opened in one of the many galvanised buildings that used to be in the village, next door to Fry's Garage in Fore Street, Tintagel.
    Cook's started to sell newspapers in the 1920s and the very small shop was used up to the late 1950s until it was replaced by the present building.  David joined his father in the business in the 1950s and continued full time until he passed the business over to his daughter around five years ago and he then took a 'back seat'.
    For many years up to the closure of Callaway's Shoe Shop, two 'talking' places existed. Callaway's was called the 'House of Lords' and Cooks the 'House of Commons'.
    Discussions would take place in both venues, sometimes up to eight 'o clock on a Saturday night. David served on Tintagel Parish Council continuously for 38 years, and around ten years on the Camelford RDC and North Cornwall District Councils.
    Gladys used to make delicious pasties for the shop and they have both been heavily involved in good causes for the village over many years.
    David & Gladys have three children Andrew, Brian and Hilary and many grandchildren. Andrew and Brian are twins, a rare occurrence in the village all those years ago. David is a member of Tintagel Orpheus Choir and they are both involved with the Tintagel Methodist Church  
                                                                      Best Wishes to You both for a long, happy, healthy retirement


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