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                                                                                          BEAUTIFUL TINTAGEL.

great web visit quite a lot we are coming to Tintagel later on this year also had a lot of great holidays in Cornwall    Marilyn UK
I've been in the UK for just over a year now. My new husband, Simon and myself took a trip to Tintagel. Your website was very informative. We found information there to book our B&B , "The Castle View",...used it to find a wonderful restaurant,.."The Crossbow" and lots of other things. It made the whole trip much more pleasant. Keep up the good work and we will certainly recomend you to all our friends.    Vickie   USA

Your site is very informative and useful to me as a tour operator. I love Cornwall and am in the process of writing up quite a few different tours to Cornwall for later this year and next year. Two of my favourite places are Boscastle and Tintagel, so if anyone reading this fancies a tour to Cornwall this year or next, get in touch - 01934 63 66 22.    Teresa O'Hara    UK

Great site I particularly enjoyed the school photos      Cliff Piper   Scotland

Been several times before , coming again 29th May 2004, very magical place, you can feel the history      Steve    UK

Been coming to Cornwall for 20 years. very nice too     John    UK    

I'm looking for family history. In 1584 north of Port Quin there was a place called Jacket's Point. I believe our family is from this area and I'm trying to find where that was. I was told that it derived it's name form the family of the Parish of St. Teath. If anybody can help I'd be forever gratefull. Thanks. Robyn Jackett   USA     Email Email

Good informative site,we come down every Easter and it allows us to check latest happenings. Keep it up.     Rob Walker    UK      Email Email

Cool site    jr

Looking for information on Maddafordmoor Halt, as this is where we live.    Christine Boyce   UK  Email Email  

 Got there at long last!!!!!     GREAT SITE DAVE!!       John Stratton  Tintagel       Email Email    

Have visited twice in last 4 years.Scary for one with vertigo, but worth the terror. Walked to Boscastle along cliffs, but steps huge for little people... I made it! It is a magical place, and I still feel the pull calling my return.      Jo Burton    UK         Email Email    

I'm coming to Tintagel in may on business and short break thank you for your very useful information     Terry Wood   UK      Email Email    

I have family who still live in Treknow and have had many great holidays there throughout my childhood. I have since returned a few times and still really love it. I am looking forward to going back for a short break later this year.    Jo Smale  Surrey    Email Email  

A very useful and informative site. In the process of buying a house in Camelford and looking forward to a happy time there.     Ann UK       Email Email      

Hello   Enjoyed it thanks   DEANO    Email Email  

 Love your pages. I am trying to find out about a schoolmaster who taught in Tintagel and was called -- Libby?   He was a brother to my Great Grandfather.
Lyn Hughes   UK    Email Email  

During my perennial gait to the search of myth and legend, suggestion and magic, i have found this beautiful oasis, that reawakens in my mind ancient impassioned memoirs.
I hope to come soon to Tintagel to breathe that air that for me it is a sort of ancestral heritage.
I live in the memory of a myth, to perpetuate a myth.
Galvanor from Camelot    Email Email         Website Website  

My family and I lived in Tintagel up until the time I was four. My grandmother lived at St. Nectans. We went back ten years ago to visit. It was as beautiful and mystical as I remembered it from my childhood. A magical place. Hope to visit again this year.  Hilary from Australia  Email Email  

Spent a lovely few weeks in Tintagel last year. Your site brings back many happy memories.

A great site with some spectacular photography. What a lovely place Tintagel is. Well done.
Poppy from cornwall     Email Email  

January 4 2004
Thought your web pages were good and we love Tintagel and Cornwall, coming again this year.

From: Sean Chard (spinynorman1@aol.com)  
January 4 2004
Very informative , Have a friend coming over from the USA and am bringing her there, Am forwarding link now
thanks Sean Chard

From: Mercier  
Home page: http://www.tonportable.com
January 1 2004
I love your website!
Nice site. Good work.

From: Sherri (fishwanda@hotmail.com)  
Home page: http://www.fishwanda.com
December 24 2003
Wonderful job on this site. Beautiful!

From: Jules (JulieLouiseO@aol.com)  
December 21 2003
Come to Tintagel every year for two weeks (hopefully). Shame I have to go home again.

From: Tony Fry (ajfry@aol.com)  
December 15 2003
Hello. I was doing what I guess most of us sometimes do . . .searching my own name.
And there you were!! Nice to meet you. - Tony

From: mick rotherham (michael@sa86.net.com)  
December 3 2003
This is a great page. My son and myself were in Tintagel last March.
 Its a great place, we would like to go back 1 day

From: Martin Harris (mrharris_7@talk21.com)  
November 28 2003
I really like your homepage as it portrays my favourite place in the country in an excellent light. Keep up the good work

From: Pavan Vishwakarma (pa1_2002@yahoo.com)  
Home page: http://www.Pavan.org
November 20 2003
I was just surfing around and saw your site. Its really a Nice website, easy
to  interact and cool interface. Simply great work. Keep it up.

From: Daniel Paine (danielpaineuk@hotmail.com)  
November 18 2003
It has always been of interest to me - King Arthur.
There's one thing I don't get. Can the people at King Arthur's Hall prove that the round table they have is actually that of the one used by King Arthur and his Knights. Surely the hall itself is not old enough to be that of the hall of the knights and Arthur and the throne, how do they know it is really the throne of Guinevere and Arthur.
Good site though.

From: GRAHAM BAGLEY (graytherover@aol.com)  
November 16 2003

From: raymund (nonatosantos@hotmail.com)  
November 13 2003
This is my first visit. I like all the information.
I will come back often

From: Catherine Emmett (cathe@cemmett.fslife.co.uk)  
November 11 2003
For the last two years we have spent a fortnight staying at Ocean Cove in Bossiney and looking at your lovely photos of Bossiney beach brought back happy memories. This is one of the best websites I have ever been on and gives lots of information of places that we have yet to see. We will be regular visitors to your website, regards The Emmetts

From: bjnelson09 (@tasmail.com)  
November 9 2003
Great interesting information. Well done

From: Donna Edwards (alandonna@silk.net)  
November 9 2003
I will be visiting friends in Camelford the last week of November, 2003. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I look forward to visiting many of the places of interest listed on your site. Thank you.

From: sherry wells (lisakay723@aol.com)  
November 6 2003
Love the pics on this site. I am a freak about this stuff

From: Vera Shultz (billshultz@earthlink.net)  
November 5 2003
I am now living in Florida, U.S.A. I was born in London. My grandfather Sidney Brock was born in Tintagel. I am interested in contacting possible family. Sidney's father was Thomas Brock and his mother was Elizabeth Ann May daughter of Anthony and Mary Ann May. Sidney and his family moved to London about !880. Mary Ann May appears in the 1881
census, living next door to the vicarage. I believe that her son Edmund May is also in that census. any contact with family would be much appreciated.

From: Ruth Taylor  
November 2 2003
Outstanding site, brought back many memories of when I lived in England and vactioned there every year with my family. It is the only place I can truthfully say I miss in England.

From: Sharon Bidwell 
Home page: http://members.tripod.co.uk/sharonbidwell/
October 28 2003
I've just spent another wonderful week in Tintagel gazing out at those glorious views! Why is it I always feel homesick when leaving? Alas, I am left wondering if that is how I will feel in years to come. I was very bemused to hear of the so-called 'regeneration' plans by the local council. Surely they must be aware that the whole point of returning to Tintagel is that it stays the same! Granted, things change over time, but in Tintagel and the surrounding area the great attraction has always been that such change is gradual and gentle. Surely the majority of residents and visitors all feel the same? I am particularly devastated to hear of the plans for completely unnecessary extensive pavements, which anyone with a modicum of sense can see will obviously turn the village into one big traffic jam! Part of the appeal of going to the country is to 'get away from it all'. Tintagel isn't a major town and no one would want it to be. I love our country roads and despair at the thought of those lanes being hidden under blocks of paving! I want to know more and where can we all write to, to complain? Does the council have money to waste? If so, your local services could no doubt distribute such funds for better causes. And if the idea is to make the high street more attractive, then why are they opting for plans that will do the exact opposite? Invest in some well thought landscaping that will bring the countryside even more into the village, and keep the concrete out!

From: Christopher Whittle (chrisbwhittle@aol.com)  
October 26 2003
Nice web site. It's 12 years since my wife and I visited Boscastle. We're planning a week in May and found your site most useful.

From: Donna L. Lawlis (britatheart@sbcglobal.net)  
October 25 2003
I love and read anything about Arthur. I feel a true kinship with and to England. I hope to visit any and all sites of Arthur.

From: Geraldine Lavis (gerrylavis@aol.com)  
October 21 2003
Thank you so much, your site has brought back many happy memories of times spent both on holiday and living in the Tintagel area

From: sparrow  
October 15 2003
I live in Ohio, am being given a glance at your beautiful town and life by being sent this site to me from a gentleman named Razor in your neck of the woods. Good and generous people you have over there!
October 6 2003
I love Tintagel, but not the town, the castle and, above all, St Materiana's Church

From: mustafa.s.soni (diamondstore@hotmail.com)  
September 28 2003
I lived in Pakistan, I like to thanks for do this wonderful website, its full of message and information and I hope that it become a long way

From: Sam Gibbons  
September 23 2003
Hi i was trying to find out about statistics on Tintagel for my school project but I couldn't really find anything. I think you should include more information like that for people who are reaserching Tintagel.

From: Sara De Bortoli (sdbfm@libero.it)  
September 23 2003
Tintagel is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I really want to return.
Good work David.

From: Andrew Collins (okchef@ihorizons.net)  
Home page: http://www.geocities.com/napaneelad/NapaneeCam.html
September 22 2003
I love to come back to your site. I miss Tintagel, Trebarwith, Treknow, Delabole and the list could go on and on. To me it is the most beautiful place in the world. I now live in a place called Napanee, Canada. If you want to see daily pics of where I now live please visit my web site.

 From: John Robinson (johnprobo@yahoo.co.uk)  
September 20 2003
I hope my holiday in October to the area is as good as you say it is.
Watch this space

From: Poppy (seapoppy@aol.com)  
September 18 2003
Hi there
You have a great site, well thought out and expertly put together. Some of the photographs are superb and show just what a lovely place Tintagel is.

From: Alicia (moonmage@myvine.com)  
Home page: http://www.moonmage.net/lair/
September 5 2003
Enjoyed my visit! I have this site in my bookmarks and will undoubtedly be back for a return visit. Lots of great information and photos!

From: lou lou fisher (loulou1082003@yahoo.com)  
September 3 2003
Write an email to me please. I have been to Boscastle and I think it is very pretty especially the bridge bye lou age 13

From: Wendy Rich (wwensco@aol.com) 
August 31 2003
Excellent website, I was back in Tintagel for my Summer Holidays visiting Mum & Dad, I was unfortunate to miss the Carnival, but seeing all the photos has been brilliant, well done to everyone that participated, I remember many years ago when I used to take part myself. I'm now living in Scotland and do miss Tintagel so much, I look back now and think what a wonderful place it was to grow up in. I wish I was'nt so far away so I could pop down for weekends. The photos of the Carnival have been a treat to look at and make me feel proud that Tintagel is the place where I come from.
Missing home Wendy Rich

From: daniel salisbury (daniels@mhs.org.uk)  
August 26 2003
An excellent web-site with very comprehensive links- thank you!!
I visited Boscastle many years ago, and more recently, and have been enchanted by the witches museum.
I would like to take my girlfriends daughter to the museum, and would appreciate details of any similar centres that you know of. Thanks to 'the lord of the rings' she is developing an avid interest in all things legendary, and what better place to feel the magic than Cornwall?!
Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

From: Alan Prouse (alan_ed@yahoo.com)  
August 18 2003
From an old Tintagelian, congratulations

From: Jaki Yates (jakiyates@aol.com)  
August 16 2003
We were planning a trip to Cornwall with no specific places to stay but after finding this page we now know exactly where we will take the kids for the week. The beautiful pictures of Tintagel have sold it to us!!

From: Will Wallis (shimbo@freenetname.co.uk)  
Home page: http://www.shimbo.co.uk
August 15 2003
Hi David, hope you are well. We are still walking the coast albeit very slowly due to work pressures. Have completed as far as Bossiney. May check out Pennycrocker for vacancies in Autumn or next spring to do Pentargon, Crackington etc. Take Care. Will at 'Cornwall in Focus' (www.shimbo.co.uk)
From: Blair Hay (Blairhay@hotmail.com)  
August 13 2003
Great to look at the web site occasionally and see what's going on at 'home'. Especially recently to see my neice, Abby Hay, crowned as fairy Queen. Born and bred in Tintagel I now live in Brisbane, Australia, but Tintagel is still 'home'. Mum and Dad are there, Brother in Camelford, I just happen to be 12000 miles away. Thanks for the site. Keep it going.
Regards Blair

From: tredget (tredget@boltblue.com)  
August 11 2003
Excellent Web site, glad to see the Carnival went well. Sorry we missed it but hope to be there next year.

From: Malcolm Briggs (malcolm@questconsult.demon.co.uk)
July 24 2003
Thanks for providing useful info and pictures on the North Cornwall Line. Active modeller of same.

From: Abikee (bessatane@yahoo.com)  
Home page: http://www.geocities.com/bessatane/Mywebpage.html
July 21 2003
All the information on King Arthur is absolutely wonderful on this page! I love the pictures that you put up and the graphics. Take care and Aloha from Hawaii! ~Abikee~

From: dave elms (dave.elms@btopenworld.com)
July 18 2003
We stayed in Camborne last year, had a fantastic week. This year we chose Bude as we wanted to visit Tintagel having called there one October many years ago for an hour. Needing some info we found your page which told us much more than we came looking for. We will also be visiting the slate quarry as well as Boscastle

From: Daphne A. Fernandez (dfernand@fhcrc.org)  
July 14 2003
Hello, I live in Seattle, Washington State, USA. I do have family in Helston and I believe Tintagel. My Great Uncle Walter Hocking visited there many years ago and took wonderful photos of the family and the locale. He was especially fond of the Tintagel area. He gave the photos to me before he passed away and I cherish them. I appreciate being able to see where my relatives have lived for centuries and perhaps one day I too will get to visit this lovely countryside. Many thanks for bring it to the world.
God Bless,
Daphne F.

This Quick message guide was a funny idea.
From: Bob (bob@groomersstone.com)  
Home page: http://www.groomersstone.com
July 11 2003
Never seen a site quite like yours! Kudos!!!

You have good links on your page.
From: Martine and Steve Newman (Steveandkittie@aol.com)  
July 10 2003
Having visited Tintagel for the 2nd time since childhood, I felt the need to share it with my husband. I really hoped it would bring back fond memories which it did and produced some fantastic new ones. Very tranquil, peaceful and must be a lovely place to live. We have both become very passionate about this magical part of England and will be revisiting next week. A cool beer at the King Arthur's Arm (opposite the old post office) is a must. (dogs very welcome)

From: claire vaughan (pixieglas@excite.com)
July 7 2003
Born in Tintagel in 1979 and attended Tintagel primary school until my parents moved away in 1986 (just before everyone's hair went green! We lived in Treknow and Westground Way in Bossiney. I haven't visited since 1990 and became very homesick looking at the pictures! I'm planning to visit this September with an American friend so I was very pleased to find this site. It is really well put together and refreshed my memory about the area. The links are also very useful.
Any pictures of Tintagel primary from the 1980's?

From: Carita Langer (flows@earthlink.net)  
Home page: http://home.earthlink.net/www.earthlink.net/
July 6 2003
I had no idea there existed such a website about Tintagel. I visited a few years back and fell in love with the cliff area near the King Arthur's Castle Hotel. I'm considering visiting again for a more in-depth look around, which your site has helped tremendously with. Thank you.

From: Chris and Karen Tyler (ctyler@madasafish.com)  
July 3 2003
Great to meet you at Shep's Hollow. Very interesting as is the website. Can see why you're much in demand for the pix. Beautiful place, must make the effort to visit. Wasn't sure on (I think your sister's question) on her rocket leaves being full of tiny holes. I believe I now have the answer. The culprits are flea beetles. They are small black or metallic blue and some have a yellow stripe running down each wing case.Their back legs are elongated which allows them to jump from the plants when disturbed. They seem to thrive on seedlings of brassicas (including wallflowers), leafy vegetables, radishes and stocks. I've also seen them on allysum. To control them keep the area clean - they overwinter in plant debris. Plant away from the above. The attacks are worse in dry weather and spring and as the seedlings emerge water regularly to get good growth and dust the area with Derris or HCH around the seedlings or before sowing apply HCH on dressing. Hope this is of some help.

From: kat (offmytrolly@aol.co.uk)  
June 30 2003
Good work, makes me want to come back.

You have good links on your page.
From: Brent Cresswell (brentandmarie@bun.com)  
June 22 2003
Thank you for the information. It's a long time since we first visited Tintagel and your site has made the return journey both easier to plan and seeing the images, more eagerly anticipated.

Helen (helen.padbury@booker.co.uk)
June 3 2003
I use to work at Trevillett Parc Riding Centre in the early to mid eighties and I have many fond memories of Tintagel. I visit your web site often - good work, a very good site

From: Roger Warner (RWarner730@aol.com)  
Home page: http://http://hometown.aol.co.uk/rwarner730/myhomepage/astronomy.html
May 31 2003
Hi David Strats told me all about this site, my Brother in law, who is sitting beside me at the moment, great site hope u like mine.

From: Conni Fry (frys_garage@hotmail.com)  
May 23 2003
Wonderful history on your local Fry's Garage. My husband, Vince, and his son, Harley, run a garage here in Fairfield, IL, US.

From: Carlie  
May 22 2003
Love your site. 3 of us from the USA visited Tintagel last year and fell in love with your town. Can't wait until we can get back!

From: Mel Regan (glenaby@indigo.ie)  
May 20 2003
I hope our visit to Cornwall in the Summer is as enjoyable as the visit to your website - you've whetted our appetite

You have good links on your page.
From: w j /v symons (williamsymons@btopenworld.com) 
May 18 2003
Good site ,many thanks ,now on our favourite list.

From: Sue Spiller (suespiller@yahoo.co.uk)  
May 17 2003
Wonderful site, see you down there at end of June!

You have a very nice home page.
From: Ilza Mitchell (scallywagg@webmail.co.za)  
May 15 2003
Wonderful informative user friendly web site! The photo's make the world of difference too. look forward to our next visit - to the website and Tintagel!

You have good links on your page.
From: Vinny Ainsworth (Vinnyains@aol.com)  
May 15 2003
Informative and interesting - we are off to Cornwall in a couple of weeks - this site has helped with our holiday plans !Thanks for giving us such good ideas - keep up the good work !!

Good work there, with your home page.
From: kimberley horwell (99d134@sirjamessmiths.cornwall.sch.uk)  
May 14 2003
Hello grandad! I've been on your web site loads because I'm doing coursework on Delabole slate quarry! It has helped me a lot! Cheers x see you soon! love Kim x x

From: Nick Harris (n1ckmg@aol.com)  
Home page: http://www.ourfamilytree.org.uk
May 14 2003
Great site David. I will put a link to your site from my own if you don't mind..

From: Nik Oakley (nik.oakley@!tvu.ac.uk) 
May 11 2003
Comprehensive and refreshingly up-to-date !

From: Ash  
May 10 2003
Thank you for all the info you have provided for me. I am doing a project for school and your web site provided me with all the info i needed. Thank you for helping me get an A+ in this project.

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Susan (TheKruger6@hotmail.com)  
May 8 2003
Thank you so much for all the information you directed me to. Our trip to England last month (April) was a quest for King Arthur. You were able to supply us with so much information that we were able to make good use of the little time we had in Tintagel. I loved it, it lived up in every way to all I had imagined it would be. We stayed in one of the B and B's on your site and it could not have been better for us. Thank you again. A Utah girl

From: Peter Matson (petermatson@eircom.net)  
May 6 2003
All Cornish websites are great but this is wonderful The pictures are great I listen to Cornwall on the MW. I like Cornwall Celebrated too. Kind regards Peter

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From: lyn wallace (lyn.wallace@austarnet.com.au)  
May 1 2003
I live in Cairns North Queensland Australia, but I'm from UK and all my family are in Cornwall. I'm bringing my kids back to meet everyone and get to see their heritage etc - we'll definitely be visiting Tintagel. Do you have any suggestions for kids books that I could read to them to prepare them for King Arthur legend etc??

From: Tim Ferrett (tim_ferrett@yahoo.com)  
April 30 2003
An impressive site, David ... I don't get home as much as I'd like to and so it's good to see all the (sunny :) pics of Boscastle .... and Tintagel, of course. Good luck in the cricket this year. Best Regards, Tim

You have a very nice home page.
From: Suzannah (suzieparker25@hotmail.com)  
April 30 2003
I wasn't sure where to visit in Cornwall until I found your wonderful site! Now I definitely know we will be visiting your beautiful town and we are looking forward to it greatly! Job well done! x x

From: carla   
April 23 2003
I'm trying to do a school project on Cornwall and it was'nt very helpful for children Please do something about it loads of luv carla

Good work there, with your home page.
From: teresa (tah325522127@aol.com)  
April 20 2003
i have been coming to Tintagel for 30yrs, to have my holidays, so I guess it is my second home. I live in Wigan, and every time it is getting close to my holidays at Tintagel, I look at your excellent web site.

From: Mary Ihry (mgm329@hotmail.com)  
April 18 2003
Simply Awesome! Now I know that visiting or living in Great Britain is my priority! Thank you so much for all the time and effort in this marvellous site. GBY, Maggie (Texas, USA)

From: tony and charly  
April 18 2003
It is an interesting site. We found good photos.
Thank you !!!

From: bunny (b.gilson@btinternet.com)  
April 15 2003
I`ve always wanted to see Merlin and King Arthur's part of the world.. I am going to on Friday.... at last... nice site... nice pic... hope I get some nice pics too :)))))

From: daniel johnson (spud.ulike@tesco.net)  
April 13 2003
David This is an outstanding advert for Tintagel although I haven't lived there for over 11 years I still miss it deeply i will always want to return there to live and its nice to be able to go there via this web site whenever I feel homesick. Best wishes to you all and keep up the good work for Trevena

From: Raymond Laurence Sleep (rlsleep@netconnect.com.au)  
April 10 2003
Congratulations Webmaster you have a fantastic Website, the photograph pages are a great collection to view, One day I shall visit the area as my family name sake originated from Tintagel back in 1848 to Australia. Your site is a great source of Information and enjoyable.Regards Raymond Sleep Warracknabeal Victoria Australia

From: Beth (Eeyore1277@aol.com)  
April 8 2003
Thanks for the great page. I was visited Tintagel a couple of weeks ago, while on vacation. Now, that I'm back home, three thousand miles away, this is the best way to revisit my trip.

From: michael rotherham (michael@sa86.net.com)  
March 31 2003
my son and i was over in the uk 2 weeks ago and went to Tintagel it was grate you have grate home page...

From: Carla (camelotcastle125@hotmail.com)
Home page: http://www.executive-florida-villas.com
March 20 2003
Lovely, informative website. My guests often ask me if I can give them real information regarding Arthur, Camelot and Tintagel, so now I can direct here.
Keep up the good work.

From: Tony /Jacqui Bacon (bacon@oceanfree.net)  
March 20 2003
Well done, a good site with plenty of interest to attract potential visitors to your town

You have a very nice home page.
From: Mike (bathon@poczta.fm)  
Home page: http://www.frontrange-software.net
March 19 2003
Very nice site . I have already bookmarked it. Best wishes for You, Mike

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From: Mara Pichler (tapi@gmx.at)  
March 18 2003
You`re great! Thank you for doing your best to manage the visitors!!!

From: Will Wallis (shimbo@freenetname.co.uk)  
Home page: http://www.shimbo.co.uk
March 17 2003
Hi David, thanks for your help on my website. Lets hope 'Cornwall in Focus' becomes Cornwall's No.2 site...cos you are surely Number One!!!

From: sirjohn  
Home page: http://www.johnnyray.com
March 16 2003
very good site, very clean. check out mine some time at http://ww.sirjohn.net or http://www.johnnyray.com

From: Russell Henton (rphenton@hotmail.com)  
March 16 2003
I have not be to Tintagel since 1979, We used to stay at
The Headlands Camping sight belonging to Bill & Joan Tremain. I am very fond of Tintagel and I hope to come back some day, I Still live with my Family, but they have never wanted to go back. But for me Tintagel is the best place on earth. I just LOVE CORNWALL, I have some of my best memory's of my holidays in Tintagel.
Thanks to all the nice people in Cornwall
Russell Henton.

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Rachel Tregunno (pook136@hotmail.com)  
March 16 2003
I really enjoyed this page. It is evident that it is the product of hard work. Good job and please keep up the good work! Toronto Roxx!!!!

From: cathie   
March 16 2003
Very intresting web site, lots of interest for a first time visitor

From: Robyn Forno (rlf@bigpond.net.au)  
March 13 2003
I visited Tintagel in 1981 and am delighted to see information about it on the net. Great job!

From: Fred Murfitt (FMurfitt@aol.com)  
March 13 2003
Excellent site look for to seeing the area again. One problem, the war dead has columns for date and regiment transposed. Not a problem but thought I should tell you. Best wishes

From: Alexander Marr  
March 12 2003
An excellent site and most useful.

From: pete rush (sharon.rush@btinternet.com)  
March 12 2003
Brilliant site

From: Denise Morel (meditrends@msn.com)  
March 11 2003
WOW! My cousins and I will be visiting you in early July! Can't wait!

From: Michael Johnson (devonmike@rogers.com)  
February 23 2003
Love Tintagel and area. Now live in Toronto. Can you tell me if parts of the 1954 movie "Knights of the Round Table were in fact filmed in your area?

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Kleve K. Smith Sr. (pandk@houston.rr.com)  
February 23 2003
Thanks for the great web page, it is going to help tremendously with planning our trip in 2004 from Houston, Texas

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Jack Chapman (jack.chapman@ntlworld.com)  
February 23 2003
I lived in Delabole during 1939-1942 and went to school at Sir James Smith Grammar School. A friend was ' Bill ' Brown who lived at Trewarmett Farm and used to cycle part way with a crowd of us from school. I now live in Suffolk but often wonder if Bill is still in the Tintagel area. Anyone with any news please? Thanks Jack Chapman

From: Peter (peterbarnesinit@hotmail.com)  
February 17 2003
Great Pics, will have to visit very soon, all the best

Write an E-mail to me, please
From: Nicola Reeves (nr006e8547@blueyonder.co.uk)  
February 16 2003
A brilliant site!
Tintagel is the most wonderful place in the world.
I haven't been for a while but in the 1990's stayed there for holidays for 5 years.
The Cottage Tea Shop is wonderful.
Keep up the good work.

I like your Guest Book.
From: Kelvin Bell (dieselboy66@hotmail.com)  
February 10 2003
Interesting site I am coming to visit you in the summer while I touring England.

You have a very nice home page.
February 8 2003

From: Georges BERTIN (georges.bertin49@wanadoo.fr)  
Home page: http://www.otr-france.com
February 7 2003
Last year we were happy to visit Tintagel Hall of chivalry with a part of our French order. Have a good time with Arthur's as we have in France with Sir Launcelot of the Lake and others.. God bless you all. Georges KRT

From: BERTIN Georges (georges.bertin49@wanadoo.fr)  
Home page:
February 7 2003
Have many regards from French members of the Order of Knights and Ladies of The Round Table. Yours Fraternally. G B KRT Knight Herald.

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Bob Bokelman (robertbokelman@aol.com)  
February 5 2003
I'll be in Boscastle in June. Will spend a lot of time in your town. Best wishes for the New Year.

From: John Martin (johnmfritz@aol.com)  
February 3 2003
My wife comes from Delabole. So the photos have brought back many happy memories, particularly Walkeys shop where my wife was a customer and knew Sally.

From: Ashley Doel (ashirley1@optusnet.com.au)  
February 1 2003
David, lived in Tintagel during late 60's, lived in Fore st at drapery store opposite the Uglows. Went to school at Tintagel primary & Sir James Smith's
Is there anybody still around from those days? Look forward to hearing from you.

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Ian Macpherson (imacpherson@talk21.com)  
January 27 2003
I was last in Tintagel some 35 years ago and hope to visit the area again in early May this year. I sincerely hope that not too much has changed in the intervening time! Best regards

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Vivien Wei (vivien617@hotmail.com)  
January 20 2003
Tintagel is a very special place for me, and I've been thinking of revisiting it soon. Hopefully this March. You've done a great Job David. Gorgeous pics. Well done

From: Will Wallis (shimbo@freenetname.co.uk)  
Home page: http://www.shimbo.co.uk
January 16 2003
Dear David, Just checking out your site and my kinks, I mean links, as I have recently upgraded my site. Could you supply me a graphic for my home page please? I hope to be walking around Trebarwith and Tintagel very soon, perhaps we could meet up. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Will at Cornwall in Focus

From: Earlene (efiori@attbi.com)  
January 11 2003
Thanks for the pics. I hope to be back in England and visiting Cornwall in spring of '04. I am hoping that there is no war with Iraq and that United is able to continue flying.
I live in the central valley of California in the states.

From: Katie Hicks (eg.Katie@yahoo.com)  
January 8 2003
Great work on every thing! You have a great guest book too!

You have good links on your page.
From: ron hart (camtowncll@aol.com)  
January 7 2003

Good work there, with your home page.
From: mal shorthouse (mshort@onetel.net.uk)  
January 5 2003
Most interesting and I like the photos. Keep it up

From: ellen wilson  
January 5 2003
Fantastic photos of Tintagel - will definitely be returning (both to the place and here!)

Select your message
From: Michael Parker (michael.parker3@ntlworld.com)  
January 4 2003
Nice site, and very useful to me as the wife and I regularly come down from South Wales to stay at Trebarwith, either in one of the holiday homes or at The Port William. If you fancy an unusual pic of Gull Rock with the sun sinking slowly into the sea behind it for your site then e-mail me

From: Helen A (sirensongau@yahoo.com.au)  
January 4 2003
Wow! What a fabulous website. Thank you for all the information it contains. I've bookmarked it as I've spent ages looking through different sections and still haven't finished.  Thanks also for the forum. What a great idea. I've already received a prompt answer to a question I posted and found information form some of the other posts.
The whole thing is really first class. Well done!

Good work there, with your home page.
From: steven hall (steven.hall15@btopenworld.com)  
January 4 2003
I only visit Cornwall for holidays , now I've seen your web site I will have to book a extra couple of days to see Tintagel .

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Ray and Debbie Skeates (scoucer30@hotmail.com)  
January 4 2003
We will be coming down to Cornwall in May , and my partner is interested in Tintagel, as I have been there before and have told her about it , is it possible to send us some info on Tintagel via e-mail please

You have good links on your page.
From: Marian Bennett (meben28@hotmail.com)  
January 1 2003
Cheers Jackie and thank you for a wonderful New Years Eve party. I've passed your web site on to USA and they like it too!!!

From: Sharon Fonseca (spf@cox-internet.com)  
December 28 2002
Tintagel castle. My daughter visited there with the honors class from college and gave me a framed photo of a view from the castle ruins.

From: Joan Cruickshank (cruicksj@cyberus.ca)  
December 25 2002
Visited Tintagel several years ago and we were fascinated with the ruins. Although we are aware of the legends concerning the site, we were wondering where we might find historical information. As "history buffs" we would like to know more about Tintagel's past. Merry Christmas from Canada!

From: Ruth D Taylor  
December 13 2002
I now live in the states but spent many happy vacations in Tintagel at JillPool, I am always telling my friends who visit england to visit here also to see Boscastle and Valency valley. I have not been back to England for 22 yrs but these pics made me a little homesick

From: Gudrun  
December 13 2002
Well done! Great homepage! Finally I found all the information I needed about King Arthur!

From: John Braund (marss@marss.org)  
Home page: http://www.marss.org
December 3 2002
My parents had a garage opposite St.Thomas Church in Camelford. I went to school where the council offices are situated. Would be delighted to hear from any residents and contemporaries. Now resident in Western Canada, but will be in Devon over the Christmas/New Year.
A great site full of memories. Had forgotten all about 'Awkways'!!!
Is the headmaster in the 1933 picture Mr. Lease?

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Betty Brannon (coastalevents@aol.com) 
Home page: http://www.coastalevents.net
November 26 2002
I love your webpage. I am in the process of planning a trip to the UK for a group of Boy Scouts in 2004 and have found a lot of very useful information on your website. Thanks for doing such a good job!

From: Peter & Alison Hinitt. (peter_hinitt@ntlworld.com)  
November 19 2002
Hello David,
I've just spent 2 hours browsing your innovative & excellent site. We have spent at least 2 weeks in Cornwall every year for the last 53 years, since the age of one when we went with our parents, since then we have taken our two children now 28 & 31, & now we all visit every year complete with three grandchildren. The magic never fades nor the wish to return as soon as we have returned home to Rugby in the midlands.
Thanks again for such a comprehensive & informative site.

Good work there, with your home page.
From: barbara guest (barbara.guest1@btopenworld.com)  
November 16 2002

From: Alex Drover (Alex.Drover@mouchel.com)  
November 11 2002
Its been nearly two months since I left Tintagel to live in sunny Essex.
After living in Tintagel for 33 years I do miss the place, stunning scenery etc.
Will be back for Christmas

From: Wh00sh (metalgran@wh00sh.fsnet.co.uk)  
November 8 2002
We have just returned from five days in Cornwall, and it was great to just walk and take in the atmosphere once again to meet up with old friends, new friends, listen to the music, and feel at one with the elements. This is my spiritual home, and it never lets me down. I will return soon but until then your website refreshes my pagan soul.
Byeeeeeeee....... Blessed Be

From: Sue Grocott (s.grocott@ntlworld.com)  
November 6 2002
Thank you: the best Cornish website I've seen.
Been to Cornwall only three times. Twice with ex and kids when I fell for Tintagel, and once post-ex(!), the only holiday I provided for my family. We came on the train and walked or caught local busses everywhere. Far better than being "tied" to a car. We remember it as the best fortnight of our lives. Your evocative photos, evoke wonderful memories. Only hope I can come back soon. It's already been 6 years. Tintagel is where I belong.
Sorry if this sounds arrogant but I have some wonderful photos you may be interested in!

From: Jeff (jelms@continentalrelay.com)  
Home page: http://ContinentalRelay.com/br
October 29 2002
Great site

You have a very nice home page.
From: grillandini luca (greta.grillo@libero.it)  
October 27 2002
I've visited your town with my wife 5 years ago. the place is wonderful and i remember again the sensations that i have had during these days. I hope to return again in King Arthur's land. Greetings from Florence

From: CLAIRE (josie@jcdunne.fsnet.co.uk)  
October 25 2002
This has to be the best site on "Cornwall" that I have ever visited. The photographs are truly exceptional, I really enjoyed your site. I shall certainly be down in Cornwall soon.
Love Claire

From: Con
October 23 2002
Just surfing from Austin Texas USA. Family roots are in Devon and Cornwall many many years ago.

From: dan (dan2@austarnet.com.au)  
October 21 2002
one of best sites i have seen, great deal of work

From: Will Wallis (shimbo@freenetname.co.uk)
Home page: http://www.shimbo.co.uk
October 20 2002
Dear David, I enjoyed looking at your website, especially the photographs of Trebarwith and Tintagel. As you may know my son and I are currently walking around the Cornish Coast and will soon be nearing Trebarwith Strand, weather permitting. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Will
Jenna Glasscock (jennagg@earthlink.net)
October 8 2002
I enjoyed reading about Frederick Glasscock; it is not often I find people with my last name. I have been trying to find out about the Glasscocks, and when they came to America

From: Sheila Pope (was Dawe) (ropo@blueyonder.co.uk)  
October 7 2002
Dear Diddy David - Luuved the Charter Day - great fun - lots of laughs. The Mayor and his Mayoress did a grand job. Enjoyed the Morris Wreckers (my legs are paying for it now!). Well worth the trip from Bristol. Will have to go again next year

From: Samantha (dreamyeyedfemale@msn.com)  
October 4 2002
This is my first trip to the UK. I am from Alabama, and I will be arriving in London in October. When I booked my flight I knew that I was going to go to Tintagel to see King Arthur's Castle. I am excited to be allowed to see a place that is seeped with history. I am looking forward to seeing it and I know that I shall not be disappointed. :o)

From: vandal (jvdal@home.nl) 
October 4 2002
Enjoyed seeing your site I was born in Cornwall PZ and lived there until I got married and moved to Holland but I have never been to Tintagel but next time I come I will go and visit keep up the goed work

From: Lucy (dawe@currantbun.com)  
September 30 2002
I like your photo's, they were that interesting they made me late for bed..... Thanks Lucy.

From: Tom Kireilis (thomas.kireilis@gsa.gov) 
September 19 2002
Greetings from America! We stayed in Boscastle last February and enjoyed it so much that we decided to come back the end of next week (9/28/2002). We typically spend a week golfing in Bowood Park. We plan on thoroughly exploring Tintagel while there and, hopefully, do some shopping and bring something home as a remembrance.

From: amanda furse (amanda@furse.freeserve.co.uk)  
September 17 2002
I am doing a Geography project at school about honeypot sites and have chosen Tintagel as an example so I have found your website very informative and helpful Thanks!

From: Simon Mills (smil2921@bigpond.net.au)  
September 17 2002
Lived in Boscastle in the late 50's and 60's went to Camelford primary then Sir James Smiths. Went on Fry's coaches to school as well as the "Regal"
This web site has brought back so many good memories Thank you.

From: Eva Eichenberger (eva.eichenberger@stawa.bs.ch)  
September 15 2002
Dear David
Having spent another lovely holiday in Tintagel (the 20th in 22 years!) at the beginning of September I find it hard to settle back into the old routine at home! Only someone who has stood on Glebe cliff watching the sun set knows what I'm talking about when I say Tintagel (and the whole of Cornwall) is the most beautiful and magic place I've ever been to. I'm eternally grateful to fate for having brought me here for the first time all those years ago. We were always made welcome and felt at home from day one - a big thank you to everyone,
I will always come back!
Your website is very well done and keeps us Tintagel addicts informed.

From: John Vesey (jvesey@attbi.com)  
September 11 2002
Glad to find this site, hope to retire back home soon to Polyphant

I especially like the page about .
From: Miguel Senosiain (jsenosia@pnte.cfnavarra.es)  
September 4 2002
Great to view your website. Tintagel is a very nice place. I was there in 1997 and I hope I will come back again one day. Seguro que sí.

From: Dave
September 1 2002
Just had to say I had a great time in Tintagel once again . Thanks to everyone in this most beautiful part of the world. My heart and soul still dwells in your fair land may the Gods be with you

From: Elizabeth Cooper (eap@bwkip.com)  
August 31 2002
Only someone who has stood on the shore of Tintagel and seen the beauty of Cornwall truly knows the feeling of losing their heart and knowing full well they will never see it again until they stand on Cornish land once again.

From: Jeanna (jeanna_canapari@yahoo.com)  
August 30 2002
I can't wait to go back to Tintagel the next time I am lucky enough to go to England.

From: Margaret Mann (margaret.mann@bhpsteel.com)  
August 29 2002
Have been told I must go to Tintagel when in UK next June/July, so I will.......

From: David  
August 26 2002
You have written the WRONG E Mail address for yourself. Please write in the guest book again with your CORRECT e mail address & I will have some news for you

From: Laura Isherwood (nee Doidge) (l.isherwood@l.bay-tr.nwest.nhs.uk)  
August 25 2002
Great site. I'm trying to work out if the Trevor Doidge in the Class 1 photo from 1949 could be of my late father .Lewis Trevor Doidge son of Charles & Mollie Doidge . I'm hoping so as we have no early photos of him.

You have a very nice home page.
From: Ian Hyde (KingGeorge111@Sedona.net)  
August 24 2002
I was looking for information about a inscription on the cliff face below the castle. It match's the Ladrinth on Glastonbury Tor, do you know anything about this.

Good work there, with your home page.
From: sue timbey (s.timbey@btopenworld.com)  
August 18 2002
This is a very good informative web page
Keep up the good work.

From: Kathy Culwell (KathyCulwell@hotmail.com) 
August 11 2002
I am so pleased to see your site! I have made nearly 10 trips to Cornwall in the past 20 years. I made very good friends with David and Sally Moore of Camelford while waiting to see the Royal Wedding gifts in London in October 1981! They have been putting up with me ever since. Each time I go, we make a day of Tintagel. My own ancestory hails from Delabole.
Still trying to find a good pasty in San Francisco, California...Kathy Culwell

From: dave edwards (carlsburgy@aol.com)  
August 8 2002
As a former resident I like to keep in touch with the latest news. I don't know why I ever came back to the smoke but I know I'll be back someday.
Thanks for a great site, all the best
Is the Cornishman still the best pub in the area.

From: Renate Ebinger (renate.ebinger@aon.at)  
August 4 2002
Habe am 11.Juli 2002 Tintagel besucht und war begeistert. Einen schöneren Platz auf Erden gibt es glaube ich nicht.
Grüße aus Österreich, Renate.

Good work there, with your home page.
From: david overend (david@mallorypark.co.uk)  
August 4 2002
Hi I've looked at your site a few times now, so its about time I signed the guest book. I have an interest in King Arthur (member of the Fellowship based in the Great Halls, Tintagel) and envy anybody living in Cornwall! The Fellowship keep saying thay are going to do a web site, but no news yet!
David O

You have a very nice home page.
From: Dallas Manicom (manicom@canada.com)  

August 3 2002
I am researching MANICOM, BRAY, GEAKE, BISCOMBE families in the area of Tintagel, Bossiney, St Breward, Trevena and Trevalga ~ any connections out there??

You have a very nice home page.
From: Richard & Jane Martin (romartin@atheer.net.sa)  
July 25 2002
Dear David,
So this is what you do now that the shop is closed?
Great to find you on the Internet.
Regards from sunny Riyadh, where the local temperature is over 50 centigrade.
May see you in September.
Richard Martin,

July 23 2002
GREAT HOMEPAGE! Will be visiting Tintagel(Oct/02) and the Cornwall area. Will also be returning to London. Any "MUST SEE"s in Tintagel? Have car...Will travel...A CAPITAL CANADIAN
From: Albert (albert@kopfhoch.de)
Home page: http://www.kopfhoch.de
July 17 2002
Klasse! Einfach super die Fotos. Werde dieses Jahr bei Euch Urlaub machen und freue mich jetzt schon riesig, nicht zuletzt weil ich mit der Frau fahre, ich die ich mich gerade verliebe! See You!

Translated: Super,
Just fabulous the photographs. Will have my holidays this year with you and I am looking forward to this very much, because I will do this trip with a woman for which I am just falling in love with. See you

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Ken Arundell (ken@arundell.name)  
Home page: http://www.arundell.com
July 17 2002
Enjoyed the "virtual" tour of Tintagel. Cheers!

From: Carron Walker (carron88@btopenworld.com)  
July 8 2002
I like the idea that you can sign a guest book and read about what people think of Tintagel.

From: Stephen Pitt (stromme@waitrose.com)  
July 8 2002
I am looking forward to spending two weeks in Tintagel from 13th July and to visiting Jeremy Knight at the Cornishman Inn

From: Tracy Rees (trees107@hotmail.com)  
July 7 2002
Thanks for the useful info on Tintagel. Our family will enjoy visiting there in the summer hols.

From: Marcelle Simpson (marcelle1000@hotmail.com)  

July 7 2002
This is a great website! Can't wait to visit Tintagel again one day.

From: Keith Beard  
June 25 2002
Look forward to seeing England's spiritual home in the summer!

From: pam and pete rudge (pamelarudge@aol.com)  
June 24 2002
Visiting Tintagel on 28 June 2002 a very informative and lovely site to visit thank you

From: nancy cairns (hellofraeme@aol.com) 
June 23 2002
Thanks for an interesting journey into the past and present, never knew where Tinyagel was 'til the name came up on the aol sp board, thanks

From: Rosemary Ellames (ros.ell@paradise.net.nz)  
June 19 2002
I have enjoyed looking at your web site. My daughter is in the UK and will be visiting all the places later today. Lucky girl but this was the next best thing. Thank you very much. Bye.

From: Paul Earl (Theearls@bushinternet.com)  
June 17 2002
I've visited Tintagel many times and cant wait to come back, and I can now stay up to date through this marvellous web site

From: John & Judy Baker (tarz83_@hotmail.com)  
Home page: http://guestbook.pax.nu/cgi-local.guest.cgi?book3621=s"#sign
June 17 2002
Dear David
It was great to view your website from Australia, brought back many happy memories. Looking forward to our next visit to Tintagel. Regards to everyone in
John Baker & Family Australia

From: Natalie Guttormsson (winky_1400@hotmail.com)  
June 16 2002
I love this site! I can't wait to come to Tintagel. I'm planning my vacation around it and can't wait to see the supposed home of Arthur. Hopefully it will satisfy my passion for the Arthurian legend and beautiful scenery. E-mail me if you want to.

From: stephanie duke (stephduke@adelphia.net)  
June 16 2002
Excellent-plus site! I came to Tintagel in 1944 to escape the buzz bombs, have never forgotten the beauties of the surroundings I found myself in, returned to see them again in 1971 while on a tour of the West Country, and hope to come back one more time at least.

From: Guy Havord (guyhavord@hotmail.com) 
June 12 2002
Just seen a school photograph of myself and classmates from 1977 - very strange. All the names came flooding back Tim Flower, Johnny Fry, William Pickering, Helen Fry and Samantha Burns etc. Weren't we all cute! I'm now living in London and until recently used to drive passed the old school when visiting my parents in Camelford (it used to be HUGE - but its tiny now, what's happened

From: Bill-Ruthie-Joy-Amanda (welsh6@ptd.net)
June 10 2002
We will be in Cornwall July 14. We hope to visit Avebury, Glastonbury & Stonehenge as well as Tintagel. Please tell us of your favourite sites to visit. Thanks.

From: Keith Collins (keeithcollins@ihorizons.net)
June 9 2002
Love this site. Very well done and thanks for doing it.

From: Ann Myers (annmyers@ludfoot.fsnet.co.uk)  
June 8 2002
a really interesting and easy to get round site. Great! And THANKS

You have a very nice home page.From: Gordana 
June 7 2002
Tintagel is a really nice place for visitors. I was there in february 2002.That was nice experience. I hope that I will come again. Your homepage is really good,
I found all information what I need for my seminar paper.

You have a very nice home page.
From: Ade Bendel (ade@guymen.com)  
June 5 2002
Very Fabulous site. Ndi Igbo keep off and take note it has been done.

From: Sheila Pope (was Dawe) (sheel@blueyonder.co.uk)  
June 5 2002
I spent far too long looking round this site - I had so many other things I should have been doing but I couldn't prise myself away. From your second best friend in the whole world.

From: Patrick Gregory (pgregory@freesurf.ch)  
June 5 2002
Hi David, how are you these days? How's the cricket team doing? Having been back to Tintagel for almost ten years now, maybe soon I'll show my daughters where I grew up......
Nice site, brings back a lot of memories.

From: coggin (coggin2@hotmail.com)  
June 1 2002
As a Tintagelite living away from gods country, your site keeps me in touch with Home.

From: maznchris & kids (maznchris@yahoo.co.uk)  
May 31 2002
great page thanx will see all these fab spots on out family outing there this weekend.

From: kathy lischio (Kathylischio@earthlink.net)  
May 29 2002
A big howdy from Texas...loved your site....since I am from Texas and its hard for me to get across the pond to cornwall and visit, this was great!....thanks!

From: Iain Dunworth (iain@dunworth.clara.net) 
Home page: http://www.dunworth.clara.net
May 27 2002
Hi David
Fine Web site, brings back memories when I was a young adult. There is a lot to explore on your web page, and I'm looking forward to doing just that. Cheers

Good work there, with your home page.
From: Jan (metalgran@tesco.net)  
May 22 2002
Hi, so pleased to find your site, Tintagel/Bossiney is our escape. I first visited 58 years ago as a child, and my husband, children, and grandchildren love it as much as I do. Over the years we have spent many happy hours at the Cornishman with old Tom, Len, John Fry and Les. We enjoyed great music at the King Arthur's (how's Sacred Turf doing?), and great hospitality from Pat and Alan at Ocean Cove, with Tilly, Pete & Rob. We will be down again very soon to enjoy the magic that is always to be found here!

You have a very nice home page.
From: Cara Smith (carasm@hotmail.com)  
May 21 2002
I used to live in Tintagel 15 years ago in the gift shop Tintagel House on Fore Street with My parents Chris and Ann Smith. I visited last year in the summer with my boyfriend and it is still a beautiful place and hasn't changed to much which is nice!! the site has been done brilliantly...keep up the good work!!

You have a very nice home page.
From: Tracy (TracyMason902@hotmail.com)
May 19 2002
We are off to Tintagel next week so we thought that we would look up some places to visit before we set off

You have good links on your page.
From: Tanya Apone (SexySirenT@aol.com) 
May 16 2002
the originals link that led me to you was given to me by a new friend... a man that I am coming to treasure, very much.
From: Ron Sundermann (rsunder198@aol.com)  
May 15 2002
My wife and I are planning a trip to the "Arthur Country." We didn't start soon enough; it appears there is much to learn. We will fly from Chicago June 7 or 11, land in London. We're considering joing a short tour ( 4 days or so ) and then free lancing on our own for the remainder of 2 weeks. Any suggestions as to where to go, what to do, who to get for a tour?
Ron Sundermann, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

From: Lou  
May 14 2002
Tintagel - fab place, visit every year, Tintagel holds my favourite shop in the world - The Dragons Breath. There used to be two, one in the village itself and another down near the beach. The one near the beach isn't there anymore, but I remember having my photograph taken with the man who used to run it, I remember he had a brown hat, long beard and glasses. He was fab. Cheers, Lou, Newcastle Upon Tyne

You have a very nice home page.
From: Sandra (srdamatto@yahoo.com)  

May 12 2002
Good work there, with your home page.
From: Steve `n` Maggie (Stevemaggieuk@aol.com)  
May 12 2002
We have just had a mini break in Tintagel and found the locals very friendly, especially the owner of the bed and breakfast we stayed at, Brian Spiller & his wife, at "Castle View", 2 King Arthur's Terrace, who could not do enough for us, a superb couple.
Also, we would like to thank all at the "Wharncliffe Arms Hotel", especially Bob, who I`m afraid I got very drunk!
Also, not to forget "Gandolf", who told me about the great real ale, "Battle", in the above pub, which is almost as good as my home brew!!!
Once again, thank`s to EVERYONE who made our stay so enjoyable. Brightest Blessings to you all.
P.S. We will see you all on the 2nd August when we are to return for the "Re-enactment!"

From: Bernie (chanski@ntlworld.com)  
May 10 2002
Thanx for showing us what a treat we have in store. We're visiting for the first time in July, after wanting to come here for a long time. Can't wait! Love the site, keep it up.

May 7 2002
From: Leonor Fernandes Rosa (leonorfuchs@yahoo.com.br)  
May 4 2002
It was a great pleasure browsing yr site. Best regards from Săo Paulo Brasil

From: Brad Holliday (grand@ynt.net)  
April 26 2002
My wife and I have been to Tintagel several times, this
time we are bringing our grandson, we are travelling
from the U.S. Wonderful place to visit, we will probably spend the entire day there.

From: ann and peter 
April 23 2002
Thank you for this lovely website. We stayed in Tintagel when we met aged 18, and this weekend (25/04) are returning to you after 29 wonderful years. It is just the only place to be. Loved browsing your site today.

From: Glenda Siggs (glendasiggs@hotmail.com)  
April 18 2002
Visited your lovely village in 1989. Loved the Post Office with the swayed roof, so cute. This site brings back many lovely memories. Loved the walk to the castle ruins on the cliff.

From: Anna Zadan (rascalone.zadana@verizon.net)  
April 17 2002
Thank you very much for sharing your website with me. I enjoyed it very much. Maybe some day I will be able to visit your part of the world. Keep up the good work.

April 15 2002
this is a great website, thank you so very much
April 13 2002
Thank-you for this site!!!!!!!! Some of these pictures called my soul. Australia has such a different history. AM the first generation born in Aust, my family is Welsh, Cornish, and on Dads side Scottish.So to see these photos was beautiful made my day thank you

April 9 2002
I just got on to do some research and i got some good info. *THANKS*

April 8 2002
have visited and stayed in Tintagel many times but have not been there for a few years. look forward to visiting and staying in June.

April 7 2002
Just visited Tintagel and Boscastle for my 30th year with my wife and young family. who could want a better place to go. Great to find this site.

April 7 2002
Hallo, I have once been to the Tintagel. It was i 1970, in September. We, my future husband, his mother and myself went for a long car holiday to England. From all we saw and did, Tintagel was the best. I love the stories about King Arthur, Merlin and so on. I also love the scenery in and around Tintagel. It´s time for a new long holiday stay in Cornwall and at Tintagel
All the best! /Cristina

April 3 2002
I always drop in for a visit. Last time I signed the guest book I was contacted by a long lost friend. I am hoping he shall read this as I have lost his email address. So Ian Mcdonald if you are out there please contact me again. Thankyou

From: Garry Woodhouse (garry.woodhouse@vizzavi.net)  
April 2 2002
Nice website, I was in Tintagel the day the jet crashed, seeing the photo's made me realise how lucky everyone was. I remember the petrol tanker filling the pumps up.

From: john kempen (jrkempen@tiscali.co.uk) 
April 1 2002
wonderful site, people have to visit that area to understand how great it is, good work keep it up
i will go back one day

April 1 2002
Hey Dave
I just wanted to say this website is brilliant for Tintagel and that i have send many people here to look at the great place we live at.Cool work please keep it up.
Luv Anja x

From: Chessie (moggy-.moggs@virgin.net)  
April 1 2002
Ur page is V.informative, well done, u could have more on the ledgend of KIng Arthur. Hope u continue 2 add 2 dis site

From: Louise West (louisewst@aol.com)  
March 26 2002
I used to spend two weeks at Easter and two weeks in the summer holidays in Tintagel. I would stay with my grandparents, Tom & Nancy Morrison.It would be nice to see more school photos with my aunty Judy or my mother Diane in. It would also be nice to see some of my gran when she was a teacher at Tintagel C.P. or when she was involved with the W.I.

From: Gordon Rex (gordon.rex@wsatkins.com)  
March 25 2002
Congratulations on your web site, it's one of the best iv'e seen for sheer amount and quality of informattion. I've been to Tintagel many times and love the place and surrounding area, it's nice to see people take such pride in their home.

from: sarah (sarah@witchywoo69.freeserve.co.uk)  
March 24 2002
Love Tintagel and its people. Really glad that there is a site like this. Been here many times, sent messages, read the info, loved the pictures. You're doing a great job!

March 24 2002
Last visited Cornwall 20 years ago - coming down for long weekend in may - site is very helpful to plan our outings - thanks for a nice site !!

From: Troy R. Sell (javacup@platinumoffice.com)  
Home page: http://www.goingplatinum.com/member/javacup
March 22 2002
I live in Dallas, Texas (USA) and I find these pages and images fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

From: Kenneth Kuchtyak (Kenny12347@aol.com)  
March 22 2002
Is there a website for real estate, buying and renting, in Tintagel? If so, please advise. Thank you.

From: Philip Brewer (pgbrewer@bigpond.com.au)  
March 21 2002
Johnny put me on to your web page...what a great idea. Greetings to 'Tibs', 'Maynard', Paul Ferrett and all. Look us up if you come out to Sydney.

From: Chris Penfold (blundy02@aol.com)  
March 19 2002
Its nice to see someone take pride in there home town, and to take the time to share it with others! I have spent many a holiday in the village and never seem to tire of of the the place or people!!

From: Susannah (Soobe13@aol.com)  
March 16 2002
i liked your homepage, but i think you should have pictures of Tintagel when it was first built or in good shape. Then we could see what it looked like back then.

From: Buddie Edwards (jonuthin@yahoo.com, jonuthin@email.com)  
Home page: http://jonuthin.tripod.com
March 11 2002
I like the page, it is very interesting. I have always had an interest in the legend of King Arthur and research into the ancient religions and beliefs of my very ancestors. Too bad I have to live in the U.S. The only mysteries we have is in the government.

From: FIONA (fionas11@tinyworld.co.uk)  
Home page: http://www.absolute-free.com/bizcust/mycust/NATURO.htm
March 11 2002

March 11 2002
cheers for the info. It really helped with my coursework. Come and visit the castles in Northern Ireland they are top monkeys!

From: Alison Werner (alisonwerner40@hotmail.com)  
March 9 2002
Thanks for the trip down memory lane - my Mum grew up in Tintagel during the war... she was Sally Jolly then!

From: Bill Mitchell (smnw33549@blueyonder.co.uk)  
March 8 2002
Brilliant site. - Have been waiting to visit Tintagel (especially the castle ) for years, now this spring my wife & myself are going there - cant wait!!

From: Julie (Clancyhammond@aol.com)  
March 4 2002
My husband and I will be visiting Tintagel this summer. I visited your site looking for information, was not disappointed, after looking through the site, looking forward even more to visiting.

From: Lluliana Morales  
March 4 2002

From: Peter Burnett (peteanddeb@burnett22.fsworld.co.uk)  
March 3 2002
Dear David
Mum & dad have visited me and looked at the website, they enjoyed it more than they expected to!! What about some photos of Bossiney, such as Jill Pool, the Mound and the Chapel.
Regards Peter

From: Big Dave  
March 1 2002
My deepest regards to everyone in Tintagel. London's my home and workplace but Tintagel's where my heart and spirits dwelled for the last 30 years. First with my parents then my wife then my children. Many thanks for the memories and see you this summer regards Dave and Cathy

From: geir ebbestAD (GEIR@IWTM.NO)  
February 25 2002
I`M FROM Norway and I think Tintagel is a very nice place which I will definitely visit again

From: Deborah Cheadle nee Brain (debmary12@Hotmail.com)  
February 24 2002
As a regular visitor. I think Tintagel is beautiful. So nice in fact my Aunt works at the castle visitor centre and lives about a mile away in Trevalga. Also lived in Boscastle. Anybody know Lynda Aldridge, Beth and Daniel Matthews?
Tingagel is beautiful, do they still do the Land Rover rides to the bottom of the hill?

February 23 2002
My grandfather was from Cornwall (Newlyn). My wife and I visited Tintagel as we explored Cornwall, especially Newlyn, Paul, Lands End, St. Ives and other towns 17 years ago. We loved it and hope to bring our children there sometime.

February 22 2002
Enjoyed the peek! My husband and I visited Tintagel in 1990; I dream of returning. Thanks for the view.

February 22 2002
Thanks for your  reply, you photos are superb. We are actually visiting Tintagel next week Friday through to Monday and am really looking forward to seeing it in all its beauty. (Rain,snow,sun),it certainly won't  matter!
Well done on creating such a beautiful website.
February 10th 2002
Dear David,
I am sending you two photos that you may wish to use on your website (one of the best I've seen in ages)
December 21st 2001
Sorry to email you again so soon, but I would just like to thank you for the Christmas photos on your site.
I have always wondered what Tintagel may be like at this time of the year and now I know. You certainly took a lot of time and effort to provide this pictorial seasonal tour and it is greatly appreciated - thank you again
December 10 2001
Myself, wife, daughter, granddaughter had the pleasure of visiting Tintagel 30 Nov. Great time to visit, had the castle almost to ourselves, even had the audacity to go down to the beach and steal a few sea coins---hope we didn't upset the Balance of Payments! We are from Wisconsin, have Cornwall & Devon relatives with Hawke surname, would welcome any e-'s. Jim Mceill

December 8 2001
Had a great time in Tintagel and especially at Trebarwith when my daughter and I were over in Sept 2001. We were over for our family reunion in Delabole. It was so good to get back as I had not been back in 20 years. I sure miss it and pray that one day my family and I can return to where I belong. During my visit, there was a couple things that I could not understand maybe someone can shed some light. One, was the fact that in the pubs etc, if you wanted a sandwich toasted you had to pay an extra 30p. I would also imagine that you must get a lot of visitors from the America`s.If this is the case maybe a
restaurant that offers a varied north American menu, reasonable prices, exceptional service and is open all day is in order. This is just a thought!!!!
Another thing I was amazed at was the price of housing how can any local afford such prices with such limited income? When I would translate what you have to pay from pounds into Canadian dollars I was floored. I just don`t know how you do it.
To end, I will say again that I hope to return as I believe Cornwall to be God`s country. I was born there and even though I lived there for only the first 5yrs of my life. I consider myself a cornishman and proudly fly the cornish flag in front of my house here in Canada.
Thanks to the people of Cornwall for there hospitality

December 3 2001
My husband and I had a lovely time last summer in Tintagel. What a gorgeous region! I'm an English teacher and brought back a wealth of information and an abundance of pictures to share with my students. The pictures are making the stories come alive.

November 30 2001
Hello I just want to know about Avalon. I have a project that is for English over Tintagel, Cadbury, Glastonbury, and Avalon. I am really int
erested in Avalon and would like to know more.

November 30 2001
Splendid archaeology of the ancient brits. Maintained well. Pleasure to visit and look forward to going back.

November 27 2001
Great site, well done.
We are looking to move to the area in Dec 2001. Do you know of any properties for long let. ( I know it's a cheeky question but I am asking everyone) Thank You.

November 26 2001
Love Tintagel & Trebarwith. Stay in Trebarwith 2 -3 times every year. Never get tired of the place.

November 15 2001
I really enjoyed viewing your homepage. Howdy from Texas! We hope to be visiting soon!

From: Jarbas,Adever Clayton and Tobias  
November 13 2001
We didn't wanna come.
our teacher made us going here......
we are brasilians,,,,,

November 11 2001
Very informative, Thank you

Home page:
November 11 2001

November 10 2001
Hello from Chicago. Just got back from southwest England on Wed.last. Saw loads of wonderful places including Tintagel, which was a highlight. Magical place for me because I've always loved the Arthurian legend. Cheers

November 7 2001
Just discovered your site. My family and I spent a couple of weeks in Cornwall and Devon in May. We came to Tintagel for one day. Beautiful area, lovely scenery, great pasties! We hope to return.
in Michigan USA

November 3 2001
Great site Dave

October 29 2001
Spent many happy days in Tintagel...I will be a regular visitor to your website. keep up the good work....

This Quick message guide was a funny idea.
October 23 2001
I do like your home page though!

October 23 2001
HI DAVID! IM ON THE NET! GREAT WEBSITE (ESP PICS OF ME!!) TNX 4 all your hard work you've done Tintagel (& the Halls) proud,

September 23 2001
Just wanted to drop you a few lines to say thank you for building such a superb website. 

August 23rd 2001
Great pictures of cave and Avalon. I have recently come back from Tintagel, and took my children for the first time.  The only thing was we were unable to go to Bossiney beach.  It brought back a lot of memories for me, as i was a yearly holiday visitor from 1972 until this year. Our base is, as always, Ocean cove holiday park.
Again, great pictures and web page. Keep it up, as I will avidly be looking at it regularly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
August 23rd 2001
Thanks for the email and congratulations on your website, it is good to see resistance to the crass commercialisation of tourism in Cornwall. I have visited "the Lands End Experience! Aaah!
August 16th 2001
I am from Germany and I absolutely adore your site...I sometimes check back when I become "home"sick for Cornwall. It's just one of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen and I really really, really wanna go back there someday...
As I said keep up your fantastic work and keep me informed about updates...I'd appreciate that!

July 1 2001

I have been coming to Tintagel for 40 years, love it , for twenty years we have been staying with Vic and Sandy, excellent web site.
June 26 2001
Hi there - really,,really enjoyed looking at your homepage.
For many years, we've spent a week (sometimes 2!!) at
Bossiney Farm Caravan Park, however, this year we can't make it....!! So looking at the wonderful pictures and reading the stories has helped heal the gap of missing our trip!
June 8 2001

I looked at your page as I have been asked to paint the sets for "King Arthur The Pantomime" here in New Zealand. I did not even know that there were actual castle remains. Is it not just a legend - even though it is so romantic.
May 28 2001
The Tintagel webpage is wonderful! I've found out all sorts of things I never knew about & next week will be my 3oth visit (or thereabouts!) As you can probably guess, we're hooked and would never go anywhere else for our holidays. We hope it never changes as it always reminds me of my first holiday when I was five and first saw that turquoise water. Hope the weather holds! If not, who cares!!!! At least we're there, rain or shine!!
May 26 2001
David, thanx, I just found this cos was looking to relieve my homesickness. Moved from Camelford beginning this year to Bedfordshire (also lived Tintagel and Trewassa) and to say I am missing Kernow is the biggest understatement of the century. Hope to come back soon..to stay till I die. In the meantime frequent visits to my family still there and looking at your pics will sustain me. A big thanx..keep up the good work!
May 15 2001
Good website , agree with you about the regeneration scheme , there's not much there for residents at all , I suppose there are such things as 'gifted amateurs'

I have a stone that my Mother signed and painted: From King Arthur's Castle Tintagel England. I was compelled to search for a site to see where Tintagel England was and what the castle looked like today. Thanks for a nice view of where I hope to visit some day myself.
May 8 2001
Great informative web-site with lovely pictures. We hope to visit Tintagel this weekend and are sure we will enjoy it.
May 1 2001
When I was in Cornwall, the greatest thing I visited was the Castle of Tintagel-I hope I'll be able to return to Britain-whenever. Cool pictures-could be more stories about King Arthur and so on.
May 1 2001
There is a wonderful store in Erin.. near Toronto, Canada.... called Tintagel. I am an artist who has her first ever public showing at this store. Thanks for your website... it helps me to understand the magic!!!!
April 30 2001
"This was great David. You make King Arthur very fascinating. Hoping you will add more because the work you have done now is fascinating!!!"
"I just visited your website. Great URL, thank you. I live in Los Angeles and will be visiting London next week. I have always had an interest in visiting Merlin's Cave and Arthur's Castle etc. I'm having a tough time finding information on how to see it. Even where it is!"
April 27 2001
Hello David,
Just a line or so to tell you how impressed I am with your web site. We at
Bossiney House Hotel are always advising prospective guests to visit your site in order to obtain more details about Tintagel and area.
It is without doubt one of the best advertisements available for Tintagel. Long may it continue.
April 23 2001
Dave finally found you very professional web site didn't look all over but what I did look at was great. I'm going to add you to my favourites and have a look regularly. 
April 21 2001
Good Arthur link.
April 21 2001
Thanks very much for the information regarding
sequence dancing in St. Teath - much appreciated. I think your web site is great - very impressive.
April 19 2001
I'm loving your site more with every return visit. I would love to see more pictures of Trebarwith Strand. The ones you have up are simply lovely! Thanks, and keep up the good work!
April 18 2001
Nice home page. Keep it up.
Planning some hols in Tintagel very soon with some friends. Your site is very helpful...thanks a lot.

April 13 2001
Very good home page David. Must talk to you sometime about Advertising, also my Father wants to Advertise his B&B With you.
April 12 2001
I downloaded a picture of Tintagel Castle off www.webshots.com and consulted Yahoo.com for more information about Tintagel, which I thought had something to do with King Arthur, and yahoo led me to you and your guest book. I am looking forward to the day when I can visit England and personally see all the things I have dreamed of seeing my entire life.
April 7 2001
Very good to see that you are up in the 21st century and provides a good page for people like myself to keep in touch with what is going on, on around the old home village.
I belong to the Cornish interest group of the New Zealand Genealogy Society and have just appointed the person to keep the information for the parishes of Tintagel and Boscastle. It will be great to have all this local information at hand. A copy of the 1668 map on the web site would be a great help.
Keep up the great work thanks a lot 

April 5 2001
Tintagel just bowled me over, and that was on the flat.
Delightful to be able to look at your site.
Thank you

April 1 2001
Brilliant site! Pity I found it the week after I came back from Tintagel.
March 26 2001
I have been visiting Tintagel ever since I was a little girl and my grandparents lived at Treven House. I am now married with two very young children and have opened my husbands eyes to the beauty of the village. Every time I visit it makes me smile when I see the two telegraph poles on the road between Treven and Tintagel as this is one of my earliest memories of the village!!!!!!!
March 23 2001
I just love your homepage. King Arthur is very interesting!!!!!! I would be honoured if you would please send me other pictures and details you have discovered. Thanks.
March 23 2001

Your website is very good. good job. I've just started one. oh, I am also related to Sir Francis Drake. cool huh!?:)
March 18 2001
Very good site, we have visited Tintagel a few times hope to come again soon
March 10 2001
Just wanted to let you know I think your photographs are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to spending more time at your web site.
Pat, Sugar Hill, GA (NE of Atlanta)

March 9 2001
This site is a very interesting one. But I'm doing a report on King Arthur, so this site didn't help me out any. Thanks anyway!!!
March 8 2001
Tintagel is my favourite place to chill.

"Really appreciated your web page. I vacationed in Trebarwith in early 1950`s with my parents when I was just 7 yrs old and the picture of Trebarwith from the 1920`s brings back memories. We actually stayed in the house on the upper left of that picture. We stayed on the upper floor and our room window faced the ocean, looking directly at the island off shore . Of course at that age everything looked much larger, and we thought that the island was further from the shore, and of course we imagined secret pirate camps on the island, further enhanced by reading books of "The famous five" by an author of children's books who`s name I have forgotten.
I have since moved to Canada where I have lived for 34 years.
Thank You for your web site."
"David, nice to meet you in your shop the other day. Your web site is excellent. You have obviously put a lot of hard work and research into it. I shall use it regularly from now on to keep up to date with your developments."

"great to keep up to date with the news of my fav place"
'"Excellent page, felt as though I'd been there...perhaps some day."
"Fantastic site. I fell in love with Tintagel as a teenager on holiday in the 70's. In fact Cornwall fascinates me full stop.  Ironically I live in TINTAGEL close in Andover. Once again it's a great site, I can't fault it!."
"What a fantastic site, my father Ernest Bennett went to Tintagel primary school about 1924 with a girl whose surname was Flower. He lived at Trethevey. My grandfather William John Bennett was a lay preacher at Tintagel and my great grandfather lived at Trewethett. Loved the photos, do you have any of the school children in the 1920's. Keep up the good work."
"At last I have had a chance to see your site, which is very good. Regards Roger."
"The pictures are brilliant!  Well done!"
"The pictures are very pretty."
"I will be visiting Tintagel summer 2001. My 7year old son has an interest in the stories of the round table and would be grateful off any places of interest to take him while in the area  P.S. good site"
"Coming to see you soon"
"This page is great you did very well. The photo's are very nice to look at. great idea."
"Was'sup....Peace out!"
"Your website is amazing. Very informative and provocative."
"Good information"
" I wish you'd have more information on Drake but it is a nice page."

"Tha's handsome, innit.
I was living in Camelford about a year before the plane crash. I remember being told about it by friends and seeing a picture in the newspaper, but I'd completely forgotten about it 'til I saw your site. Excellent stuff!"

"Cornwall is so very beautiful. My wife and I are looking forward to visiting there.
Ed and Becky Toole, North Carolina, USA"
"Thanks for your homepage! We will be there Jan 1 - 3 and are happy to have a preview for planning our visits and tours!!! I am a painter, are there any 'must see' sites that I should visit for later paintings?"
"This page is great you did very well. The photo's are very nice to look at. great idea"
"Wonderful site Dave. We look forward to being in your Accommodation Page. Good luck."
"This site is a great way to introduce others to one of the greatest places in North Cornwall!! keep up the good work"
"A great presentation, I shall make it a MUST to visit next UK trip!"
"I think your web page is great you must spend a lot of time on it! keep it going David"
"I have seen the web site of Tintagel . I liked it very much, congratulation!. I have had the opportunity to live again a short but important period of my youth too. My best regards Franco from Italy"
"I live in oz, my heart lives in Tintagel, we have visited a few times. I would love to live in the most beautiful place on earth, I met you many years ago at the cricket club. fantastic site, makes me homesick"
"An interesting and informative piece on Tintagel"
"The place stole my heart long ago, hope to get back"
"Very informative, clear and well laid out web site."
"Enjoyed going through your beautiful web site to learn more about Tintagel. Tintagel by the Sea is the name of our beach house in Bandon Oregon USA. A fantastic coastline with many rock formations in the water called sea stacks. Some have said it resembles the coast of Cornwall England."
"Great and informative web page. Brings back some wonderful memories of our visit to
your wonderful country."
"EXCELLENT WORK DAVID " proper job " 
"I must say, I am very impressed. This page is absolutely amazing!!!!"
"Hi ya  This is great I never really knew this much about Tintagel even though I live not very far away"
"Visiting Tintagel Pottery we were recommended to look at your web site. I shall revisit it often at home in London during the winter to keep up to date with Tintagel news. I
particularly like the stroll to
Bossiney Beach which will remind us of many happy holidays here. I think the site is excellent combining interest for local people, potential visitors and appealing to several generations. it is also blissfully free of advertising. I hope it will help to boost the local economy. Why not include the castle, the dove cote and the potteries in the places to visit when you have a spare evening to update the site?"
"Since browsing the internet over the recent months, I have noticed in my travels that
there have been several internet sites dedicated as information services to Cornwall-some of which, I considered not to be very informative or well presented. However, this site I consider to be quite to the contrary. It is interesting, informative and highly educational with an excellent presentation (especially with the choice of good quality photographs, old and new). I think it was an excellent idea for you to incorporate so much local history and information to the immediate area, as, especially combined with the photographs, it gives people an idea of how Tintagel has changed through the ages. Ruth"
"This is one of the best Cornish websites that I have visited."
"I will re-visit this site again and recommend it to others. Keep up the good work!
If only all websites were this interesting and this good!"
"We enjoyed the waterfall, but were more intrigued by the singing voices that we heard as we walked up through the
glen. Is the place haunted??"
"I look forward to visiting Cornwall"
"Very impressed with the web site. Well done."
"Excellent site, David. very well put together."
"You have a lovely village and we enjoy our holidays there"
"Tintagel is a magical place. The air of history and mysticism engendered in the stories and tales of King Arthur all but come to life before your eyes. I love the place and visit as often as possible."
"Brilliant!!! Didn't realise that Tintagel was so interesting."
"I like your web site the design is very grand and fitting for Tintagel excellent first effort, nice clean pages with no confusing frames.
"ole' days" photo's warmly recommended....."

Just some of the comments on the Tintagel Web Site. The reason the site can be so interesting is that there is
in the world that can beat the beauty of Cornwall and Tintagel in particular
.......Visit Us and ENJOY
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