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King Arthur's Castle-Workman's Club-Cook's Newsagent Shop-Stacey's Shop-Last One
Social Hall
-Old Schoolroom--1920s-The 1950s--The 1960s-VE Day 1945
Wharncliffe Hotel-Splitting Slate-Historic Old Photos

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                     View of Castle Beach                  

      Looking Out On The Beach From Merlins Cave      The Days Of Ships At The Castle beach    Sheep Grazing On The Castle Island
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                 WORKMAN'S CLUB                      H.C.COOK, NEWSAGENTS, 1920s 
         Workmans Club In The 30s                                  Mr Cook In The Old Shop Next To Fry's Garage      Mr Cook And Customers

 The Workman's Club was situated on the site of the gift shop 'Cats Whiskers, 
and on the right hand side of the building can be seen Cook's, Newsagent shop.
Cooks new shop was also built on the site. Next door was Fry's Garage.
In the 1940s the club was dismantled and it was used as a Scout Hut for many years.

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       Stacey's Shop           The Last One        Social Hall               Old Schoolroom 

Stacey's Grocery Store Next To Fry's Garage  Mr Lang's Galvanised Iron Shop  The Village Hall   The Old Schoolroom

               Above is Stacey's Greengrocers (Now Spar Shop), this was one of many corrugated iron buildings in the village including H.C.Cook's .
The final one remaining is the building next door to Merlins Gift Shop (Picture above). The Tintagel Social Hall holds many activities including the meeting place of Tintagel Parish Council,
Tintagel Short Mat Bowls Club, monthly auctions and many other events.
During and after the war years the Social Hall was the local cinema every Monday night and also the venue for numerous whist drives and the Saturday night regular Dance Hall.
The Old Schoolroom was used as the local primary school before the 1939-45 war. It returned to use as the school for the evacuees who came to the village in the war years.
It was closed in about 1943 and the pupils then attended the school at Treven. Since this time the building has been used for church activities, concerts, jumble sales and other events.
At one time there was talk of developing the site but happily this will not be the case now.   

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1920s                    1920s               1950s        
           Village Street in The 20s Main Street Village Street In The 50s     
                   The 1960s         
Village Street In The 60s

            VE DAY 1945.......W.H.Flower Shop Window Display

Flower's Grocery Store VE Day 1945              Flower's Grocery Store Display VE Day 1945  

Wharncliffe Hotel about 1905

Wharncliffe Hotel-Note The Awaitnig Carriage

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Bill Mutton Splitting Slate At Delabole Slate Quarry
   Bill Mutton, Enid's Father, Splitting Slates   
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