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   Digging Potatoes At Trebarwith 1942

 The photograph on the left shows a pony & trap nearby The Wootons & Cornishman.
It is believed a Mr. Jewell is  the proud possessor of the carriage. The year would be around the turn of the 20th cen

Taxi To Bude

 The horse &  carriage is photographed at the top of Penally Hill in Boscastle.
Mr. William Boney, is seen holding the horse by it's reins. Mr. Boney, used to convey passengers from Tintagel to Bude, before the days of motor transport


   Digging Potatoes At Trebarwith 1942   

Potato Digging by hand, no machinery could operate on these steep slopes at Treknow Mills, Trebarwith in 1940. Digging from left to right are:
Ernest Rogers, Boysy Prouse, David Mann, William Boney (the boss), Roy Rogers (NOT the cowboy!) and Austin Hill

  Les Baker 1941

Les Baker & his wife Ruth, gave me these photographs for the site and Les is shown here in 1941, when he was a Bomb Disposal officer.  The distinctive badge he wore can be seen on his left arm
      The Baker Petrol Pumps By Vicarage Hill At one time Tintagel had five petrol stations and at the end of September 2000  there were NO petrol stations. Fry's petrol station closed then after many years of service to the village. Les Baker, followed his father with these pumps which were situated at the Fudge shop next door to King Arthur's Car Park. The pumps were in operation until the 1970s. The Wooton's Hotel can be seen in the background
      Stephen Cann In Trerammett River 1932 This photograph taken in the early 1930s shows Stephen Cann standing in the flooded river at Trerammett

Photograph by courtesy of
Ian McDonald

    Davidstow Village Hall
It was built by the Air Ministry Works Department [AMWD].
At first it was a carpentry shop & later was converted to the station gymnasium. The saw pit for the carpenters was covered over. Much later the saw pit under the village hall floor was filled with water and made the building dangerous

Americans were stationed on the RAF site at Davidstow Aerodrome during World War Two. All their entertainment was held in the hall & many local people attended, the dances in particular. After the war the hall continued as a vibrant entertainment centre for many events, particularly the dances.
Sadly the hall was not used much in later years & now has fallen into disrepair. 

.Sir James Smiths Grammer School 1933
Can you add any names
 to the list opposite?

     Names Of Scholars & Teachers
  Sir James Smiths School 1933/34
Back Row: ?,Treleaven,     W.Cocks, S.Symons, R.Kellow, Les Baker, Archie Button, Eddie Batten, Fred Leese,?,?,.
B.Munday                 Harold Hoskin
Mid Row: Piper, V.Jacobs, Squire Stephens, Peter Knight, Eddie Dennis,  Hooper, L.Boney, 2nd Front: S.Pooley, Tucker,?,Abrahams,D.Roose,
Mr Leese, Dudley Kernick,?,
John Leese,?.
Front ?,?,Eric Stephens, S.Patten, R.Patten,?,?,?
Teachers: Left Menadue Right Fricker

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