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 Then & Now Photographs
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King Arthurs.Hotel 1902

The Hotel, Now Called The Camelot Hotel

King Arthur's Castle Hotel was built in 1899. The Cornish National Trust was formed at this time as they were not happy with the position of the Hotel. However thank goodness they did not have a say in any planning decision!.
The photo on the left was taken in 1902 and in 2000 on the right

Trevena In 1909

Village View June 2000

The photograph on the left was taken around the 1900s and it was coloured later. Youngsters can be seen at the site today of Celtic Crafts and King Arthur's Arms had been built. The Wooton's Hotel is seen in the distance. Today's photo was taken in 2000 

The Lovely 14th Century Cottage

14Century Cottage In The 1930-40s

14th Century Cottage Now a Gift Shop
 The 14th Century Cottage is now a 14th Century Gift Shop

Mr & Mrs Bishop's House

The Crossbow Restaurant 2000

In the 1940s/50s the photo on the left shows the home of Mr. & Mrs. Bishop. The couple waving were probably associated with the delivery van in the picture. A house has been changed to a restaurant and today it is  called the Crossbow Restaurant.

Bossiney Road Chapel

Grose's Hardware Store September 2000

There were many Chapels in the 1800s.  Many have been changed to homes and this Chapel was converted early in the 20th Century. Today it is the home of Bruce & Barbara Old, as well as the Hardware Shop in Tintagel Before this it was a Grocery Store owned by Mr. Ferrett. 

Ye Old Toll House

Old House Today In 2000

The coloured photo on the left shows Old Houses. The building still stands and it is the home today of Roger & Angela Gabriel. It was the Dangar family home for many years and I can remember buying ice creams from the window on the left. Minnie & Mildred Dangar lived here for many years.

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