A Look At Delabole Slate Quarry


A Look At Delabole Slate Quarry
Delabole Slate Sign The Reception Area Some Old Machinery Looking At The Film Presentation The Tour Begins
Dramatic Shot Of Delabole Slate Quarry Slate...Slate....Slate The Guide Talks About The History Of Slate The Largest Man Made Hole In Cornwall The Tour Continues
Slate Glistens In The Sunshine Slate Ready For Cutting By The Diamond Blade Lorry Heavily Loaded With Slabs Of Slate Block of Split Slate One Of The Slate Company Buildings
 Slabs Of Slate Slate On The Production Line The Art of Splitting The Slate A Specialists Job Slates Boxed For Delivery  
 Delabole Slate Sign Palleted Slates Slate Dust Is Another Useful Item For Sale Dramatic Shot Of Delabole Slate Quarry

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